Forgotten Celebrities: Where Are They Now?

Most of the stars we know today may not be that famous in the coming years, or they probably tried other careers aside from acting to secure their financial future. That’s what the entertainment industry is all about. Taking advantage of the situation they have at hand and securing their future with other investments.

Let’s take a look at the story of celebrities and their life after their retirement or their time while they are not in a set. Most of them did well because of their smart money management while others fell short and had their struggles in life. Let’s dive down and see what their lives are like after their shine fades on the stage. Most of them will surprise you, so let’s get started!



Katherine Heigl started off her career, not in films, but as a model for various brands. Heigl became a child model when she was a child, and she appeared nationwide in Cheerios ads. Then in 1992, she decided to start shifting into acting where she found the success she wanted.  Heigl’s first appearance on the silver screen was in the movie That Night and she later appeared in My Father the Hero.

Her breakthrough role was her portrayal of Isabel Evans on the hit sci-fi series Roswell, which earned her a couple of nominations including a Saturn and Teen Choice Awards. Few years after, she landed another significant role as Izzie Stevens on the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. Later, her works include The Ugly Truth, Knocked Up, Life as We Know It. During the mid to late 2000s, she decided to step back a little from acting and tried her luck behind the scenes as a producer. Heigl is also committed to protecting animals and establishing conservation organizations.