Story Of Famous Celebrities And Their Life Away From The Limelight

Most of the stars we know today may not be that famous in the coming years, or they probably tried other careers aside from acting to secure their financial future. That’s what the entertainment industry is all about. Taking advantage of the situation they have at hand and securing their future with other investments.

Let’s take a look at the story of celebrities and their life after their retirement or their time while they are not in a set. Most of them did well because of their smart money management while others fell short and had their struggles in life. Let’s dive down and see what their lives are like after their shine fades on the stage. Most of them will surprise you, so let’s get started!



Debra Winger, whose full name is Debra Lynn Winger. Debra’s name was derived from the actor Debra Paget, who was her father favorite actress. During her part-time job at university, Winger was temporarily blind in a car accident. This accident made her decide to pursue her dream and give up college to become an actress. Winger’s career is nothing short of spectacular as she’s one of the most sought-after actresses during her prime and she also had all the awards and accolades to back this up.

However, even with all the success she had in her career, she still has an on and off period in the limelight. During Winger’s time off from filming, she spent some of it as a teaching fellow at Harvard University. Winger also tried her luck as an executive producer for a couple of documentaries including the Academy Award-nominated documentary Gasland. We are sure that she never experienced any issues financially especially with credit cards.