Be Inspired By These A-List Celebrities’ Lavish Homes That Are Worth Millions Of Dollars 



In 1993, Will Smith appeared on the big screen as a protagonist. In 1995, he starred in the action film Bad Boys, which achieved a great success. In 1996, Will Smith played an role in a science fiction film Independence Day, which hit the box office record and became the box office champion of the year. Will Smith is an iconic star in his own right. He is one of Hollywood’s most bankable actor, popularly known as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

With a lot of projects here and there, his vast net worth will surely allow him to buy a $42-million house in California. Initially, the house only costs $20 million. But will all the renovations he and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith did, not to mention the several additions, upgrades, and redesigns, it has reached the value of $42 million. The renovation even surpassed the house’s original price. Truly, this is one of the huge investments this couple made.


Eddie Murphy was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1961. His father died when he was very young. He and his brother were brought up by his mother. Eddie Murphy showed a talent for acting as a harlequin since childhood. After stepping into the film world, he has always been an outstanding comedian. In 1980, 19-year-old Eddie Murphy joined the most popular TV comedy Weekend Night Live.

In addition to the acting career,Eddie Murphy still made appropriate investment in his private life. He originally bought his house for $20 million, but he managed to sell it with a staggering price of $85 million! That is four folds of its original value. You know why? Eddie turned the property from a simple home to a private resort. Yes, you read that right. He managed to do that. It has nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms, enough for his big family. It also has a spa, indoor and outdoor pools, and is even surrounded by hiking and riding trails.


Rihanna is a woman of many things. She is a singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. Rihanna was born in Barbados, a small island in the Caribbean Sea. Rihanna made her debut in the united states at the age of 17. With her excellent voice, Rihanna won 8 Grammy Awards, 8 National Music Awards and 23 Billboard Music Awards. She quickly became a music queen in America, living up to everyone’s expectations.

At 32, the famed hitmaker is already making it big not just in the entertainment industry but in the business world. In fact, she has made a $600-millin fortune. So, it’s no surprise that she managed to buy herself a $22-million house in Barbados. Rihanna made her house her own tropical paradise. It has five bedrooms, and each one has a view of the Caribbean Sea. It also has its own access to the beach and dock area for yachts. With its lavishness, it surely has a home security system to keep everyone safe.


In today’s Hollywood, many movie stars started from models, and thus gradually become screen darlings. Cameron Diaz was one of them. Cameron Diaz made her way to the big Hollywood screen by the movie The Mask. With blonde hair and blue eyes, she always has a fascinating look. Coupled with her charming figure, there was no wonder that Cameron Diaz achieved high praise after appearing in The Mask in 1994, shocking the entire Hollywood.

Cameron Diaz is one of Hollywood’s most bankable actresses. She used to have movies here and there during the ‘90s, earning her a huge net worth. With that, it’s just reasonable that the 47-year-old star has bought herself a $4.25-million home in Manhattan. Cameron’s house screams off modern luxury. With a 1,400-square-foot of living space, it has two bedrooms where she can relax whenever she’s tired from working all day.


Similar to the growth experience of most celebrities, Jennifer Lawrence initially practised her acting skills in small roles in various TV dramas. Without outstanding appearance and professional performance training, Jennifer Lawrence devoted herself to her love of acting career. Despite her fame, Jennifer Lawrence wants to live a life away from all the noise of Hollywood.

Hence, it is no surprise that she did everything to have a home that is far from the prying eyes of the public and the paparazzi. The 29-year-old star bought an $8-million house that has 5,500 square feet of living space in Beverly Hills. It has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, complete with a backyard pool. This place seems to be hiding, thanks to its greenery surrounding. With them of a French-modern style, she might have had used her credit cards to complete its decorations.


Adam Sandler was born in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 17, he took the first step of his stage performance at a comedy club in Boston. After entering New York University, in addition to studying performance theory at school, Adam Sandler also used his spare time to perform in some fixed clubs in order to accumulate performance experience. After graduation, Adam Sandler immediately flew to Los Angeles to join the Weekend Night Live.

Adam Sandler remains to be a big name until today. He started in the business with the movie Going Overboard in 1989. Today, Adam still appears in hilarious comedy movies and is a fan favorite. With his incredible talent, the comedian has already won 35 awards. Talking about investments, Adam has a lavish home in California worth a whopping $42.5 million. Here, he enjoys his time with his partner, Jackie Sandler. With a huge house like this, Adam, reportedly, lets some members of the family stay in so that they will never feel it is empty.


Britney Jane Spears is an American pop queen. She signed to become a star under JIVE Records in the late 1990s. In 1999, Britney’s first album Baby One More Time set a record of 25 million album sales, which made her a great success. During her prime, Britney Spears effortlessly made a lot of chart-topping hits. This quickly turned her into a world-renowned singer, receiving credits from a lot of fans all over the globe.

She had a lot of sold-out concerts and tours here and there. These things helped her to amass $59 million of net worth. So, how does she spend it? First, she bought a $9-million house in California for her and her kids. It features five bedrooms and eight bathrooms—more than enough for a family of three. It also has a media gaming room, outdoor pools, and entertainment rooms to keep her boys entertained.


When you’re the first lady of the United States of America, life can get pretty hectic. So it’s of utmost importance that a lady such as Melania Trump, have a place that she can run to when things get too busy in the White House. Luckily for Mrs. Trump, she has her opulent New York City penthouse whenever she needs a quick get-away. The lavish space is, of course, located in the Trump tower and has been the official residence of the Trumps long before they moved into the White House.

The penthouse occupies the top three floors of the building and offers the most breathtaking view of the New York City skyline. The interior is designed to look like the inside of a palace with marble flooring, European style furniture, and it even has painted ceilings reminiscent of the Sistine Chapel. And what about the price, you may ask? Well, it is now valued at a whopping $100 million.


Tom Hanks was born in Oakland, California, USA on July 9, 1956. His full name is Thomas J. Hanks. With his superb acting skills, Tom Hanks won the Oscar for Best Actor in 1994 and 1995, and he is still one of Hollywood’s most influential movie stars now. Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson purchased the mansion for $26 million in 2010. This transaction is also the most expensive local real estate transaction.

This mansion was built in 1996 and covers an area of 14,500 square feet. Surrounded by plants, it can be expected that the ambient air is very fresh. Its former owner was Catherine Kennedy. In 2006, the house was extensively renovated. In this house, you can see the beautiful view of the canyon and the sea. The mansion has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. The house also has a swimming pool, garage, semi-circular lawn and two-story limestone pavilion. There is no doubt that Tom Hanks will spend a happy vacation with his family here.


Elizabeth Hurley is a well-known British actor and model. At the beginning of 1988, Elizabeth Hurley played the leading role in the mini-series Christabel of British BBC Radio, and was widely acclaimed. She gradually became a famous star in British TV series. Elizabeth Hurley’s house is located in England’s West Midlands and worth $11 million. It is the residence of Elizabeth Hurley and her ex-partner Shane Warne. After their split, Hurley still lives there.

This gorgeous Georgian house occupies 187 acres and has 13 bedrooms, equipped with tennis courts, swimming pool, wine cellar, lake and more. The scenery around the house is beautiful, where Hurley can breathe fresh air and enjoy nature. In 2018, when Hurley was holding a dinner party, the house was stolen. Therefore, the hostess strengthened security measures to obtain property safety. Now Hurley lives there with her son Damian and mother Angela, enjoying the beautiful country life together.


Kaley Cuco was born in Camarillo, California. She started her career as a model and actress at the age of six. In September 2007, Kaley Cuco began to play Penny in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, which pushed her acting career to the peak. With $55 million of net worth, buying a house worth $4.2 million is no hard feat for Kaley Cuoco. As one of the highest-paid actresses in television, credits to her long-time stint in The Big Bang Theory, the 34-year-old star bought a lavish home in California.

Of course, she has all the reasons to splurge after her hit TV series ended last year. This place is used to be owned by Khloe Kardashian. As she is about to start a family of her own, it is the perfect house for her with all its features and amenities. It has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, an outdoor living area, a pool, and a gourmet kitchen.


John Travolta was born on February 18, 1954 in New Jersey, USA. He has Italian and Irish descent. At the age of 16, he dropped out of high school. John Travolta left his hometown of New Jersey and went on the Broadway stage. In 1977 and 1978, John Travolta’s career reached its peak. He starred in the films Weekend Fever and Grease, which set off a worldwide disco dance craze.

John Travolta’s home will surely make other houses in this list relatively ordinary and small. Not because of the land’s size but with its features. If some have yacht docks, lagoon-style pools, and other features that you cannot find in an ordinary home, John’s $12-million house has its own airport. His property in Florida has its own landing strip and a few hangers, where he can keep his rides. For people who do not know, that is because John is a licensed private pilot.


Brad Pitt was born on December 18, 1963 in Oklahoma, and grew up in Missouri. After graduating from high school, he entered the University of Missouri majoring in advertising art design. Just two weeks before graduation, he packed up everything, loaded his broken car, and rushed to Hollywood to realize his dream of becoming a movie star. With his handsome appearance and superb acting skills, Brad Pitt quickly made great success in Hollywood.

Brad Pitt has been living in his $1.7-million Los Feliz home since he bought it in 1994. Despite owning several properties, he still wants to stay in this house. This place may hold a lot of significant memories for him that he doesn’t want to leave. As it has been 16 years since he bought this house, its value may now be higher today, especially with all the renovations and additions he made. If he ever decides to sell this, it will surely prove to him that real estate is a good investment.


Tom Selleck has been in the business for a long while. When you hear his name, it’s quite impossible to associate him with old-fashioned masculinity. With a bulky body, mustache, and manly arrive, he is every inch the classic type of guy. He has participated in numerous movies for so many years, and every character he has created is a pure tough guy. His image also reflects on his 1,800-square-foot property in Los Angeles.

It carries Western-inspired decorations, leather furniture, deep-colored wood panels, and wood flooring. It also has a touch of Welsh, which his wife, Jillie Mack, might have incorporated. Although Tom didn’t reveal the amount of his lavish house, sure, it’s worth millions of dollars that may have also come with home insurance. Actually, Selleck has earned so much in his whole career since his television series, Magnum P. I., took off in 1980. He prefers to live as far away from the limelight as possible.


Nicholas Cage was born in an artistic family. He grew up in an environment full of music and books, and he also had a keen interest in acting and photography. At the age of 17, Nicolas Cage entered the film industry. As one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, he has a lot of blockbuster films to his name, from Face/Off, Con Air, and more.

It is no surprise that Nicolas Cage has the funds to buy a $10.95-million home without opting for any money loans. Nicolas’6,305-square-foot house is located in the Bay Area. It is a four-story property that boasts a great view of the area. You can see it from the library, dining rooms, and eat-in kitchen. Anyhow, of course, you cannot see it if you are in the wine cellar, which has a better view of the most excellent wines that you can see.


Oprah Winfrey was born on January 29, 1954 in Kosciusko, Mississippi, USA. As a female, Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential women in the world today. On September 9, 2011, after 23 years of airing, Oprah Winfrey’s show Oprah Talk Show ended.

If you’re as rich as Oprah Winfrey, having a $50-million house in California is no biggie. With a net worth of $2.6 billion, it’s no surprise if she makes buying real estate one of her many investments. Oprah’s mansion has a measure of a whopping 23,000 square feet. But, as she has made a lot of renovations since she bought it, its value is now up to $90 million. Sadly, her home suffered some damages during the California flash flood in 2018. Anyhow, she surely had it fixed, proving that in investing, there are a lot of risk factors involved.


Jessica Alba is not only a successful actress but also a successful businesswoman. With a successful career, one of Jessica’s pride possession is her $9.95-million home in Beverly Hills. Jessica bought this house in 2017. Three years have passed; its value is much pricier now today. The 8,829-square-foot home has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, a huge yard, and a pool.

It is also quite hidden on the hillside so that the family can have some privacy. The plot of land takes up 1. 85 acres with sweeping views over Los Angeles, stretching to the ocean and is now believed to be worth $11. 6 million. But it doesn’t look like the family will be giving up their dream home anytime soon. It also surely has a high-end home security system to keep everyone safe. With a house big enough to hold huge gatherings, this place must be kept secure.


Janet Jackson was born on May 16, 1966 and she began her career with the variety television series The Jacksons in 1976 and went on to appear in other television shows throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, including Good Times, Different Strokes, and Fame. As the youngest member of the Jackson family, Janet Jackson, like her brother, has extraordinary achievement in music. She has released 11 albums and these albums have sold more than 1 billion copies, making her one of the most popular American singers.

While making great achievements in her music career, Janet also participated in film and TV series performances. The great success in the showbiz made Janet become very wealthy, She owns a mansion facing the Pacific Ocean in Malibu. There are five bedrooms in the 5,600-square-foot house, built in the 1960s. In addition to the living room and bedrooms, the mansion is also equipped with a gym and a media room, and the owner can watch the Pacific Ocean view in short distance.


Whitney Elizabeth Houston is known to the world for her powerful voice, the appeal of multi tone and wide mezzo range. She has become the queen of international music. The new owner of Whitney Houston’ s former home in Mendham Township is a 33-year-old doctor and real estate investor. After purchasing the mansion, he plans to renovate and repaint, and then move in within a few months.

This gentleman claims to be a loyal fan of Whitney Houston, so he will keep the design of Whitney Houston in this house, because he thinks this house is also full of love and affection like her family. Whitney Houston bought this mansion in 1992, where she and Bobby Brown had their wedding. The house has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, a six-car garage and 13 skylights. Houston designed a game room, media room, a professional recording studio, a tennis court, a pool room and an underground swimming pool.


Clint Eastwood, one of Hollywood’ s legendary actors and directors, is 90 years old now. Clint Eastwood has been worked in the film industry for half a century. The film Unforgiven and the sports drama Million Dollar Baby won him the best Director and Best Picture of Academy Award. Eastwood is very popular with the French. Many films that did not succeed in the United States were quite popular in France.

Clint Eastwood owns an estate in Pebble Beach, this estate was bought in 1994 at the price of $3.925M. It is situated in a gated community and is 4.7 acres in size. The manor is in the style of Spanish farmhouse, it was built with thick soil walls. There are six bedrooms and seven bathrooms in it. The center of this manor is a courtyard with a fountain in the center and several tall oak trees are planted.


Chuck Norris, before he became an internet meme, was one of the legendary action stars in the world. He starred in numerous bankable martial arts films like The Octagon and An Eye for an Eye. Chuck Norris bought a country estate in North Tustin in the 1980s. The mansion occupies an area of 5,500 feet, with a private lake in front of it.

This two-story mansion was built with red brick walls and dark green roof, which is located in a lush forest, in this way the color of the mansion corresponds to its surrounding environment. There are four bedrooms in it, the children’ s bedroom is designed in a loft with ladders leading to them. Also, the house is a good place for holiday and parties, since there is a living room with a bar, decks, patios and an outdoor barbecue set-up.


Steve Harvey bought actor Tyler Perry’ s manor in Atlanta in 2020, which occupies a full 35,000 square feet. The splendid and luxurious Buckhead mansion has seven bedrooms, which is enough for the owner to invite friends to the family for gatherings and holiday residence. The manor is also equipped with a basement banquet room, a tennis court with lights and other facilities.

The tennis court is located on the top of a two-story building, which is a special design. Except for the large area of green lawns inside the manor, the entire manor is surrounded by lush forest. There is no doubt that this mansion has an excellent natural ecological environment. For starters, the property is 17 acres of perfectly manicured grounds. There’s a 70,000-gallon infinity-edge pool, multiple guests/caretaker quarters, a spa, a state-of-the-art security apparatus, and the list goes on.


Priscilla Presley, born in 1945, is an American actress and businesswoman. Her representative works are television series Dallas. What is more well known is her identity, who was Elvis Presley’ s wife. Priscilla Presley’ s mansion in Beverly Hills was listed on the market for $15. 99 million. As we all know, there are many celebrity mansions in Beverly Hills, but Priscilla Presley’ s mansion is still outstanding. It is located at 1167 Summit Dr., occupying an acre of land with 7 bedrooms and 8. 5 bathrooms.

This Italian-style villa is hidden among lush trees. The exterior wall of the three-story villa is covered by dense vines.  It is set against the retro yellow walls, brick red tiles and chimneys. The interior decoration design is full of wooden elements,velvet and felt, which creates a warm atmosphere of home, and the warm yellow light adds to this atmosphere. Outdoors there is an irregularly shaped swimming pool and a tennis court.


Ellen DeGeneres was born in Mettery, Louisiana, in January 1958. Her parents divorced when she was 13, Allen moved to New Orleans with her mother. After working as a waitress, she finally decided to become a comedian. She now hosts the talk show “the Ellen DeGeneres Show”. On August 16, 2008, Ellen DeGeneres married her longtime girlfriend Portia de Rossi.

Ellen DeGeneres and her girlfriend own 20 properties. In 2019, she bought a Tudor-style estate in Beverly Hills from Adam Levine for an astonishing price of 450,000 US dollars. The mansion covers an area of 10,376 square feet, it is three stories high, and the exterior wall is covered by lush creepers. In front of the main entrance is a double-sided staircase that leads to the backyard of the manor after passing through the hall. Similarly, you need to go down the stairs to enter the backyard. There is an oval swimming pool in the yard, and six lounge chairs are placed next to it.


Mariah Carey, born in Huntington, long island, New York on March 27, 1970, is an American singer, songwriter, actress and record producer. Mariah Carey sold her and her ex-husband’s Bel Air mansion for $9 million, which was much lower than the $13 million they had originally listed on the market. The mansion covers an area of 13,000 square feet, with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, seven fireplaces, a gym, an outdoor basketball court, a home theater and a garage capable of parking 20 cars.

Since the former hostess who owns this mansion is a famous singer, there is also a home music studio for Carey’ s work. The open-air swimming pool is set in the backyard of the mansion, with the main building on one side and the spacious lawn on the other. The abbreviation “MCN” of the couple’ s name is printed on the bottom of the swimming pool.


Do you remember him? Oscar actor Marlon Brando, I think you all know his classic role in Godfather. Malone Brando was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on April 3, 1924. Brando was naughty and active since childhood. He was not interested in learning and was expelled from school several times when he was a student. In 1946, Marlon Brando entered a drama school to study acting under guidance of Stella Adler and Irving Piscata.

Marlon Brando once owned a luxury house in Hollywood Hills. It was sold for $2. 15 million nine years ago, and in 2016 it has risen to 2. 995 million. This house was built in 1939 and was designed by Paul Williams,but such a very old house is well preserved. It occupies more than 4000 square feet, has six bedrooms and five bathrooms. The outdoor green area is as large as about 4-5 times the building area. From the front of the house, you can walk through steps to reach the open-air oblong swimming pool.


Tina Turner is a famous American singer. During the past half a century, she has achieved great success in rhythm and blues, soul and rock genres. When she was a teenager, Tina began her career as a singer. In 1956, Tina met Ike Turner at a performance and joined his band “kings of rhythm”. The first solo album of Tina was “Private Dancer”, which made a great success, selling more than 20 million copies globally and winning her three Grammy Awards.

Although she has lived in Switzerland for many years and acquired Swiss nationality, Tina Turner is attracted by Nice in the south of France. Tina’s nest in Nice is located on the scenic Riviera. The mansion is located in the highlands so it has a good view of the entire city. Each of the main room of the villa was designed by the architect Bruno Guistini, but the furniture was designed by the designer André Dubreuil.


Bill Cosby is an American comedian. Since 1980, Bill Cosby has been producing TV scene comedy The Cosby Show. This comedy is popular among American audience and was rated as the NO. 1 show in the United States from 1985 to 1989. His first major attempt on the screen was to perform Spy Career. This is a TV series between comedy and drama, describing the activities of two spies. Cosby was the first black actor to be selected for screen roles. Because of the need of the plot, the role had nothing to do with skin color.

The house of Bill Cosby in Los Angeles has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The residential area is more than 4,500 feet. There are two tall pine trees in front of the house. Basically, the mansion is in Tudor Revival style, which was popular in the late 1890s and 1940s. His house is very old-fashioned, but you can see its high value. And now, his house becomes very famous.


Do you remember Raquel Welch? A hot actress in the 1960s and 1970s. In 1966, with the release of the epic science fiction blockbuster One Million Years B. C. . By image of Liona in beige fur bikini in the film, she became the most popular girl in Hollywood.

There is no doubt that the success of the business allowed Raquel Welch to afford the mansion in Beverly Hills, but this mansion was put on the market for sale in 2017 and sold for US$5.7 million. This 6217-square-foot mansion has a Mediterranean-style exterior architecture, but the interior design is a combination of modern and traditional. It has a total of six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The owner’ s suite also has an additional living room with a fireplace. Through the French doors of the owner’s living room, they can enter the terrace and pool area.


Jim Carrey, born in Newmark, Ontario, Canada on January 17, 1962. Jim Carrey loved acting since he was a child and aspires to be an actor in the future. Jim Carrey also imitated exaggerated gestures and facial expressions to amuse her ailing mother. The famous comedian Jim Carrey has a great mansion in western Los Angeles, located in the Brentwood neighborhood on North Tigertail Road, which is the richest neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Jim’ s manor is close to the Santa Monica Mountains, surrounded by lush vegetation, where you can enjoy beautiful natural scenery, which is why Jim Carrey likes it very much. The main buildings of the entire manor are connected together, and the buildings are in a U-shaped layout. At the front left of the residential building, there is a swimming pool, and further forward, is a full-size tennis court whose width is the same as the width of the entire manor building. I believe that the life here is really an extraordinary living experience.


Sean Hannity currently serves as host of FOX News Channel’s Hannity. He has hosted radio shows since 1989. Moreover, he joined the network in 1996. He now mainly lives in New York. Sean Hannity’s $3.6-million Long Island home in New York was once a subject of controversy. Although it remains to be seen if he’s still living here with his family, it was put on the market back in 2014.

Allegedly, Sean owned several shell companies, which he never revealed in any of the investigations he went through. He was accused of using these to buy more than 900 properties across seven states in the past ten years. Sean also, reportedly, took out a $2.5 million money loan to buy this Long Island property. His legal team might have a severe headache on how to sort these things out in the court.


Gwyneth Paltrow was born on September 28,1972 in Los Angeles, California and she is an actress. Her representative works include Shakespeare in Love, The Avengers, Iron Man and so on. Hollywood is not the only reason that Gwyneth Paltrow becomes rich. Allegedly, she has inherited a considerable amount of money from her parents. Thankfully, she follows a good money management system and uses her money for investing.

She, reportedly, has several real estate properties, including her $5.6-million Hampton home. Gwyneth bought the house with the help of her former husband, Chris Martin, when they were still together. So, after their divorce, there were reports that she hired people to clean the house and declutter all the stuff. It might be her way to forget every lousy memory she had with her ex. In fact, Gwyneth Paltrow may feel happier when she is in the house alone.


Justin Bieber is a young Canadian singer whose popularity is rising rapidly. He not only has amazing talents in music, but he also looks very cute and handsome. Although Justin Bieber has about $285 million that will allow him to buy any property that he wants, he still opts to rent a home. We are not sure if the pop star has talked to his financial advisor about it as it is instead not a smart move, but he may have all the money to spare.

Justin chose to rent a modern mansion worth $60,000 a month. If he buys, he will only need to spend $20 million, which may never affect his net worth. However, we cannot blame him for the house features. It has floor-to-ceiling glass windows and has 6,500 square feet of living space, six bedrooms, and seven bathrooms all for himself.


As one of the giant pop stars in the early 2000s, it is no surprise that Christina Aguilera managed to buy herself an extravagant house in Beverly Hills worth $10 million. It boasts 11,000 square feet of living space with six bedrooms, nine baths, two bars, and its own screening room. Before Aguilera had her hands on this property, there were rumors Adrienne Maloof once lived here.

But compared to Aguilera’s former house, which had pink décor and gothic-burlesque vibes, this state has a more sophisticated feel. It has marble flooring and a huge chef’s kitchen. Well, let’s just say that Christina Aguilera’s taste has evolved as time goes by. Anyway, the style of the house should only be decided by the owner. After all, what everyone loves and accepts is different.


Whoopi Goldberg was born in Chelsea, Manhattan on November 13, 1955. In addition to playing roles in movies, she also has her own talk show, which helped her accumulate a big fortune. After Whoopi Goldberg sold her Los Angeles mansion, the new owner put it back on the market for $9.595 million. It was $800,000 compared to the price the seller paid Goldberg before. The 64-year-old veteran actress sold it for $8.8 million, and it was quickly sold in just weeks.

She originally bought it for only $2.5 million in 1993 and lived there for 25 years. Her investment planning definitely paid off here. Well, with the house’s unique features and amenities, there is no doubt that it can be sold quickly. It has bona fide architecture and tells a history of celebrity residents, including the late Oscar-winning actor, David Niven.


If owning lavish homes was a competition, Tiger Woods would have probably won. His sprawling mansion is worth an incredible $54 million, and unsurprisingly, it has a vast land and living space that he can use when he wants to play or train golf. In fact, it has a four-hole practice facility to help him hone his talent more. Woods moved into this house, located on the Jupiter Island, in 2010.

Woods’ house screams of expensiveness with a swimming and lap pool that spans 100 feet, a 60-foot diving pool, a basketball-tennis court, and a spa. Who else needs a huge money loan just to have these features in their home? Tiger Woods can enjoy all the services in his own house instead of spending money outside. There is no doubt that his efforts in the golf game have been best rewarded.



It’s hard to believe that Kim Basinger once lived in this modest house. This bohemian-style house was Kim Basinger’s residence in Woodland Hills. The house was built in 1963 and occupies nearly 2581 square feet. It is hidden behind dense hedges and metal fences at the end of the road and can bring absolute privacy and security for the owner. It has two bedrooms and three bathrooms and has complete electrical and temperature system.

In the middle of the house is the living room, with a large skylight on the top to allow sunlight to enter. The houses are mostly decorated with wood, with wooden walls, rough wooden floors and wooden windows. Through the windows, you can see the pond and the lush greenery. The next door to this cottage is also owned by Kim Basinger, which means that if you buy the cottage, you will soon become Kim Basinger’s neighbor.


Carol Burnett was born on April 26, 1933 in San Antonio, Texas, U.S. She is a famous American actress, producer and singer. When Carol Burnett was young She lived in an apartment in Las Vegas. The apartment is on Yucca St, Los Angeles where Carol Burnett and her grandmother lived together. This apartment is only 12 foot by 16 foot, with only a kitchenette, a bathroom and a bed, which was called ‘a box’ by Carol Burnett.

However the apartment is the place that carries Carol’s the origin dream of becoming an actress and she was there to fight for her dreams. Carol Burnett lived in this apartment for 14 years, until 1954, she went to work in New York. The apartment was refurbished later. In 2001, Carol Burnett rented this apartment as a writing office.


Jodie Foster is a legend. She was nominated for an Oscar at the age of 14, and then graduated from Yale University. Her famous works include the accused and The Silence of the Lambs. Her house is located at 1267 Lago Vista Drive. It was built in 1952 and contains 7,500-square feet of internal space. The house occupies an area of 0.65 acres, long and narrow, and all the surrounding scenery can be seen from the room.

It also has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. In the inner place, there is a living room with a large fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows, next to the media room and dining room. The kitchen is equipped with glass French doors leading to outdoor dining. There is no doubt that this house is a good place to live and luckily Jodie Foster she did.


People like sports must be familiar with Dwayne Johnson, who was also called ‘the rock’ by fans. Dawn Johnson was born on May 2, 1972 in Hayward, California. He is an actor, producer and professional wrestler. His representatives include The Fast and the Furious, The Scorpion King, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and so on. With a fortune of $280 million, Dwayne Johnson bought this $5 million mansion in florida effortlessly.

The house occupies an area of 13,000 square feet and has a large swimming pool, a private movie theater, large barbecue grill in the middle of the yard, luxurious bathrooms, tall rooms decorated with dark wood, and there’s also a gym which was called ‘iron paradise’ by johnson to meet his training needs. With such a luxurious gym, maybe you can have the same powerful muscles as Dwayne Johnson.


Bill O’Reilly was born on September 10, 1949 in New York. He is a columnist, writer and TV host. He once worked in a political commentary on FOX News. Journalists are not also far from getting involved in any controversies, take it from Bill O’Reilly. He has got into a big controversy during his time in Fox News, which, unfortunately, led to his departure from the network.

Anyhow, as he is already a big name in the industry he is in, he managed to amass $85 million net worth. It may also be the reason why he managed to purchase a lavish Long Island property without thinking twice. Although the property’s amount remains undisclosed, it is undoubtedly worth a hefty amount. But, no matter how much it costs, it will never be the reason for Bill’s bankruptcy.


Cher, whose real name is Cherilyn Sarkisian, was born on May 20,1946 in California,USA. She is a film and television actress, pop singer. As the Goddess of Pop, it only fits that Cher lives in a $45-million mansion in Malibu. The ageless star enjoys her cozy home, which has an expansive 16,000 square feet of living space. As a true artist, she has a variety of collections, like souvenirs, which she gets from her different travels.

There is no doubt that these souvenirs will be used to decorate her house. It also features Mexican fireplaces and Moroccan rugs to complete its grandiose style. With her taste, inevitably, her house screams of fashion and class. With a good fortune brought by her fame, talent, and golden voice, this may be just one of Cher’s too many investments. Anyway, comfort is one of the most important requirement of the house.


Ethan Hawke was born on November 6, 1970 in Austin, Texas, USA. With his classical temperament, Ethan Hawke has won the hearts of many fans. Ethan Hawke is good at capturing the complex inner world through the appearance of the characters. He was known as the “most sensual and charming young male star”. Ethan Hawke’s house is so colorful that you can see all the vivid hues you can imagine.

The 3,500-square-foot house has yellow cabinets, a red refrigerator, wood flooring, green bookshelves, a carpet with an array of colors, and even blue-colored bedroom walls. It boasts a wood-burning fireplace, four and a half baths, a children’s playroom with its own fireplace, a media room with a comfortable blue couch, and an outdoor patio that Hawke can put to good use on the spring and summer. Hawke put this on the market for a whopping $6.25 million.


Viola Davis was born on August 11, 1965 in Southern California, USA. She was graduated from the Juilliard School. Viola Davis is an artist with exceptional talent, and she has achieved success in both film and televison, which helped her accumulated a big fortune. Viola Davis gifted herself a very lavish home worth $5.7 million. As an award-winning actress, she will surely have a lot of space to display her trophies inside the house with its sprawling 7,545 square feet of living space.

The house carries a European style and boasts five beds and eight baths. It also has a unique family room, complete with surround-sound equipment. The pad has a home theatre with a massive 133-inch screen and a 4K projector. It also has a wet bar—which, to a degree, makes it the perfect place to celebrate all of her acting awards and nominations.


Novak Djokovic was born in Serbia on May 22, 1987. He is a Serbian professional tennis player. As one of the world’s best tennis players, Novak Djokovic can enjoy a lot of perks, including traveling the globe. But, of course, it just comes second as the number one perk of being the world No. 1 in men’s singles tennis is having a huge paycheck. He can make a huge investment, and that includes his $15-million home in Miami.

The house boasts 4,140 square feet of living space that has five bedrooms and stunning views of the ocean. It is the perfect place for him to relax after a tiring and stressful game. It also has its own pool, spa, gym, and an outdoor bar. There is no doubt that his house provides him an excellent place to prepare adequately before every tennis game.


Kate Hudson was born on April 19,1979 in Los Angeles, USA. She is an actress, director producer and screenwriter. Kate Hudson was well-known by the audience for Almost Famous, Bride Wars, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and other films. She was named as “America’s New Sweetheart”. Kate Hudson bought her mansion in Pacific Palisades in 2011 with the help of Matt Bellamy before they parted ways in 2014.

At the time, they purchased the lavish home for $5.3 million. Kate managed to keep the house, which is a Tudor mansion that is architecturally unique due to its location. The house features warmth and comfort. It is in the middle of lush greenery that has a beautiful garden. It does not only give Kate the privacy she wants but also the relaxing view. But despite the solitude, this home needs to have a home security system to keep everyone safe.


Another big star in Hollywood is Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett Johansson was born in New York, USA on November 22, 1984. There is no doubt that she is one of your most favorite heroes, playing the role of Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With a successful career, Scarlett Johansson managed to amass a considerable fortune, making her buy a property in Los Angeles for $3.8 million.

It features a stunning view, making the home more inviting. It also has a private spa, pool house, and an outdoor eating space whenever the Avengers decide to assemble (pun intended). Kidding aside, they can have a reunion here. Surely, Scarlett will receive tons of credits if she manages to make it happen. If Scarlett Johansson’s house becomes a meeting point for the Avengers on Earth, that would be so cool!


Gwen Stefani was born in California, USA on October 3, 1969. She is an American singer, actress and designer. When you see Gwen Stefani’s home in Beverly Hills, you can say that it is really hers. It has her signature black and white motif that can be seen in every piece of her house décor. Well, knowing the famous singer’s taste, it is not even surprising. This can also prove that Gwen Stefani is known to many people.

Gwen used to share this home with her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale. But with the help of her lawyers, she managed to own it after their divorce. She is, unquestionably, happy with the settlement after everything that she has invested in this house. Some of its features are its large dining area, tennis court, and an infinity pool where she can relax after a stressful day at work.


Sandra Bullock was born on July 26, 1964 in Arlington, Virginia, USA. She is an actress and producer. Her house in California only stayed on the market for two months before it finally got a new owner. According to reports, she had sold the lavish home for $2.925 million in September 2018. It seems that Sandra Bullock was not satisfied with this house. Bullock was originally selling the house for $2.995 million.

Despite the meager discount, the 56-year-old actress still made some profits out of it. She bought the house for only $1.485 million. The bungalow carries a 1940s-era style that boasts 3,153 square feet of living space—  perfect for any Hollywood A-lister. Bullock’s investment portfolio also included an 8,000-square-foot house in Beverly Hills that she purchased in 2011 for a whopping $16.19 million. In addition to investing in real estate, we all hope that Sandra Bullock can provide more outstanding works.


Craig Ferguson was born on May 17, 1962 in Glasgow, Scotland, England. He is currently the host of the evening entertainment show The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS TV. Aside from being a famed host, another thing that makes Craig Ferguson famous is his $6-million Los Angeles home. Located in Bronson Canyon, it features “multi-structure” compounds that cover 6,800 feet of living space.

The house has seven bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. However, despite its lavish features and looks, Craig still puts it on the market. The 57-year-old comedian is maybe looking for new potential investments; thus, he is looking for a potential buyer of his classy house that speaks every inch of luxuriousness. With a separate guest house, recording studio, gym, library pavilion, pool, and tented cabanas, this is surely worth the new owner’s money.


Miley Cyrus was born in Nashville, Tennessee, USA on November 23, 1992. She is an American actress, singer and songwriter. Despite all the controversies she has been through, it cannot be denied that Miley Cyrus knows how to make a good investment. In addition, she is more successful than her peers. She knows how to handle her money well. Although Miley Cyrus is only 27, she is already named as one of the most famous and successful pop artists in the world.

And where does she put all her hard-earned money in? Well, Miley Cyrus bought herself a house in Malibu for $2.5 million. It has four bedrooms and bathrooms, a jacuzzi where she can relax, and outdoor places that she can enjoy. After a long and tiring day of work, this is the perfect place that she can call home.


Melanie Griffith was born in New York, USA in 1957. She officially entered the film industry in 1975. In 1988, she won the Golden Globe Queen and Oscar nomination for Working Girl, and she has since become a Hollywood A-list actress. If celebrities want to escape the noise of the city without going out of town, Aspen, Colorado, is the place to be. And this is where Melanie Griffith luckily lives.

Anyhow, the 63-year-old star has put her mansion on the market, as she spends most of her time in Los Angeles. Her property boasts a two-acre of land, located in the rear of the mountain with 7,400 square feet of living space. It was built in 1994. It has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, and, of course, beautiful flooring. With all its features, the new owner will surely find pure relaxation here.


Eric Braeden was born on April 3, 1941 in Kiel, Germany. He is an actor and producer. Eric Braeden has been the role as Victor Newman on the soap opera The Young and the Restless since the 1980s, so he may have enough to buy a lavish home for himself in Los Angeles. The place is located in the mountainous area of the city to give him the relaxation that he needs and has been craving for.

It may be his heaven to escape the noisy world of Hollywood. Although Eric has yet to reveal the price of his extraordinary house, it’s also believed to be worth millions of dollars. With its unique style and design, it’s all screaming of luxury. Anyhow, as it once survived the 2018 Simi Valley fire, Eric might have secured it with home insurance.


Liam Hemsworth was born in Melbourne, Australia on January 13, 1990. He is an Australian actor. Although Liam Hemsworth and his former wife, Miley Cyrus, are already divorced, he still has a property in Malibu. The actor is originally from Australia, but he can’t help but be in love with this place. The 1,980-square-foot home will make everyone fall in love with its looks and features, only that it comes with a hefty price–$6.8 million!

It has three bedrooms, a multi-level deck, and a stunning pool, which might have caught Liam’s attention. It also has modern interiors filled with natural light. The place is quite close to Miley’s home. So, in no time, Liam may hire a moving company to move all his belongings to Australia. Without the marriage, the house can still give him a comfortable living envionment.


There are rumors Russell Crowe spent a whopping $20 million for his property in Nana Glen for his partner, Terri Irwin. Well, that’s what love can do. The huge amount of money may just be the right investment for a lavish property that is 989 acres, located in Australia’s New South Wales. And it’s a really beautiful place. So,it is worthy having a house here.

However, with the recent fires across the country, it suffered some severe damage, including Russell’s mansion. There were even rumors that the firefighters put their focus on stopping the fire from burning the actor’s house, not minding everybody else’s. Whether it’s true or not, let’s just be thankful it’s all over. After all, beautiful houses should not be destroyed by fire.



Meghan McCain is an American columnist, author, and television personality. She was born in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Meghan McCain recently moved to Los Angeles and started living there. Although she was very used to living in New York, she is now getting the hang of L.A. life. Sadly, she crashed her car in the first two weeks that she was in L.A. Fortunately, it only resulted in a ruined front end, which her insurance could handle.

She is also starting to find things to appreciate about her new surroundings. She is also thankful that she gets to meet other people outside of the media spectrum, knowing that she is into politics and news. McCain admitted she is just adjusting to her new life, but thankfully, it is growing on her now. During her adaptation process, Meghan McCain may do more to perfect the design of her house.


Pat Boone was born on June 1, 1934 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. He was a famous singer and film actor in America. He may no longer ring a bell today, but he was once a big shot in the 1950s. In fact, Pat Boone was a successful pop singer until the 1960s. Even before Elvis Presley became prominent, the King of Rock and Roll used to open shows for Pat.

At 85 years old, Pat is now enjoying the fruit of his labor, spending his time in his $18.5-million Beverly Hills home. With a 7,032-square-foot living space that has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, who doesn’t want to stay in this place? Pat made a significant investment in this house, which also has a pool, manicured lawns, and a guesthouse. We sincerely wish that Pat Boone can enjoy himself in his house.


Cheryl Tiegs was born in Breckenridge, Minnesota, USA on Septamber 25,1947. She is an American model and fashion designer. Cheryl Tiegs made a name as one of the most famous models of the 1960s to 1970s. She has graced every cover of posh magazines at the time, thanks to her doll-like looks. She has also become a pop culture icon, credits to that iconic pink bikini she once wore for a photo shoot.

The fashion designer might have never thought that it would be the reason for her legacy. Now, Cheryl is busy doing philanthropic works. She is part of Earth Conversation Corps, the Farrah Fawcett Foundation, and C.O.A.C.H. for Kids. She also owns a 4,777-square-foot house in Los Angeles, where she spends her time relaxing after a long day of charity works. When she is not busy with work, Cheryl Tiegs could rest herself in this house.


Beyonce and Jay-Z are two of the highest-paid people in the entertainment industry. They are also one of the A-list couples there is. Did you know that their combined net worth is a whopping $1.35 billion? They are that rich. So, it may never be a surprise that they have been able to buy a $45-million property in Los Angeles. Moreover, the designing style of their house may also beyond your imagination.

Of course, with their fortunate, they will never need any money loan for it. You can even consider their house a private resort with its 123 rooms. Now, as they are only five in the family, I wonder they try to fill in this house. There is no doubt that their house is equipped with various recreational facilities. Beyonce and Jay-Z can invite friends to their house for a party at any time instead of worrying that house is not big enough.


You probably know Robin Wright as part of the Netflix series, House of Cards. Just like her character, she’s living a modern luxurious life after she bought her $3-million apartment in Manhattan. The apartment building has a total of 25 units. The place is also near the Washington Square Park and Union Square, so Robin will never have a hard time to go to the park whenever she wants to.

For Robin Wright, this house could be one of the best investment for her. Anyhow, with a place with 11-foot high ceilings, marbled fireplace, and a balcony overlooking the garden, Robin may have no intention to go out. With this perfect purchase, she surely discussed this with her financial advisor. With the excellent location of the house, Robin Wright may achieve a considerable income even if she decides to sell the house in the future.


Matt Damon was born on October 8, 1970 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is an actor,producer and screenwriter. Matt Damon is one of the most bankable stars of Hollywood. He has a lot of blockbuster films, like Goodwill Hunting, The Martian, The Great Wall and many more. As one of the superstars, it may only be befitting that Matt is living in the grandest home that you can find.

The 49-year-old star bought a $15-million house in Pacific Palisades, called Best House, and, man, it is a beauty. The beautiful environment makes the house more attractive. It has seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, multiple swimming pools, and a huge garage to shelter his several hot cars. With 9,000 square feet of living space, this may be a considerable investment for him but definitely worth it. Moreover, Matt Damon can always have a wonderful time here.


Barbara Walters was born on September 25, 1929 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She was once known as the host of many TV shows, such as ABC World News Tonight, The Today Show, 20/20 and so on. Barbara Walters once lived at 555 Park Avenue, and one of the apartments there was believed to be hers. A five-bedroom co-op has been listed for $10.35 million, and it’s rumored to be the veteran broadcaster’s former property.

But with his place’s unique beauty, it doesn’t need the fame of anyone to be sold. It just undergoes a stylish renovation that combines its original architectural details with the modern style. Younger generations who will see this place will inevitably be attracted to its beauty and opt for a house loan to get this place. It’s just near the Central Park and high-ending Madison Avenue shops that make it the perfect place for the young ones.


Charlize Theron was born in South Africa on August 7, 1975. She has dual citizenship of the United States and South Africa. Charlize Theron’s Hollywood Hills home was put on the market for $3.8 million. Although it is no longer hers, it cannot be denied that it still has a piece of her. Carrying her personal style, the lavish house speaks of elegance. She first bought it for $3.6 million, giving her 200,000 earnings—enough to pay her loan if there is any.

It features a library and a vast outdoor pool. All its interiors are in white. It also has natural lighting, giving the place an individual comfort and airiness, showing a casual but sophisticated theme. Evidently, the house is made up of Charlize’s elegant taste. Anyone who bought this house may know more about Charlize Theron according to her designing style.


Jennifer Lopez was born in Bronx, New York, USA in July 24, 1969. Jennifer Lopez had a humble beginning before she made it big in the entertainment industry. She is a great singer, performer, dancer, and actress. She almost has everything—the talent, beauty, and body. What more can you ask for? She also has a good money management system, being able to buy a $17-million home in California.

Her house reflects her elegance and glamour, but it remains to be cozy. It has seven bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, and an entertainment room that can accommodate up to 30 people. Wow! This place is maybe just one of the real estate that J.Lo invested in. For sure, she has other properties under his name. While no matter how many houses she invested, she will choose one of them as her comfortable living place.


Stephen Colbert was born in Washington, D.C., USA in May 13, 1964. His full name is Stephen Tyrone Colbert. He now is a famous Talk Show host. However, Stephen Colbert used to live in a humble in South Carolina before he became a big shot in the entertainment world. He is now a famed comedian, writer, producer, actor, and television host.

Of course, he is even made more famous by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and one of the late-night talk shows’ funniest men. Back to his home, it was once converted in bed and breakfast, managed by his mom. It was a good investment for the family, as he even got a 10 percent commission every time he could successfully book a guest. Although he is now living in a more lavish house, he will surely never forget this.


Rob Lowe was born in Charlottetown, Virginia, USA on March 17, 1964.He is a famous actor in America. Rob Lowe was known and loved for his teenage heartthrob days in The Outsiders and his roles in The West Wing and Parks and Recreation. Rob Lowe makes sure that he and his wife, Sheryl Berkoff, will live the most comfortable life in their dream home.

He makes it come true when he bought their $42-million home in Santa Barbara. The house speaks volumes of its lavishness, having a total of 20 rooms. It carries both classic and modern styles. No wonder it has been featured in Architecture Digest. Rob and his wife spent millions of dollars to have their home renovated. Surely, they made it an investment of their own that they are going to reap someday when they have finally sold it.


Demi Lovato was born on August 20, 1992 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. She is a pop singer and actress. Demi Lovato once again put her Hollywood Hills mansion on the market with a lower price. From around $9 million, it’s only now $8.995 million. Anyhow, despite the reduced amount, Demi can still earn a profit from it. Initially, she bought the property for $8.3 million in 2016.

Hence, having almost 600,000 of earning is not bad—still enough for her good money management system. The property spans over an acre and features a modern house with 5,500 square feet of living space. It also has a swimming pool, spa, turf lawn, and dining gazebo. The first floor of the three-story house is filled with living spaces. The second one is for the rooms, and the third one is for the entertainment features


Paul McCartney, whose full name is Sir James Paul McCartney CH MBE, is one of the biggest names in the music world. Hence, it may only be befitting that he is one of the wealthiest, too. Paul McCartney is, no doubt, a music icon. As a member of the equally iconic rock band, Beatles, from the 1960s, he remains to be a big name until today.

He can live a lavish life if he wants to, but he chooses to live humble in his modest house in St. John Wood’s in London. Despite having millions of net worth, he bought his home for only $50,000 in 1966. But as years have passed by, its value is much pricier now. Inevitably, this comes with home insurance, given that it’s quite old. With her love for music, Paul McCartney can still create excellent music in his own house. After all, age is never a problem.


Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are not only known for being the celebrity power couple but also for their excellent money management through their businesses. With their individual successes, they have bought a modern, luxurious abode from 70 vestries. Everyone will be surprised by their current house, which has an absolutely amazing looking. Each unit in the building has a spacious balcony that gives them a good view of the skyline.

However, this is just one of the many lavish features of this condo. The place speaks the tasteful, elegant, and expensive taste of the couple. All of their appliances are top-of-the-line. Anyway, we never need to doubt the taste of Gisele Bundchen, one of the best models in the world. Although Gisele might have maxed out her credit card for this, she will never have a sweat to pay for it. With her ability, Gisele Bundchen will soon be able to reverse this situation.


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s Tennessee home had been in the market for a year before it was finally sold. However, they had to lower the house’s price by almost a million after someone purchased it. Anyhow, the new owners’ loan would surely be all worth it. After all, the house where celebrities once lived made his investment worthwhile.

This house has 5,086 living space with a total of four bedrooms, five bathrooms, an office of their own, walk-in closets, and a fitness room. It has everything they need. Obviously, this house can well meet the living needs of house owners. Its decors also fit its location and reflect Nicole’s personal style, screaming for elegancy. Maybe this house can help the new owner know more about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. The skylights make the place grander, making it everyone’s dream home.


Alicia Keys was born in Manhattan, New York, USA on January 25, 1981. You may think Alicia Keys is living in New York City due to her hit song Empire State of Mind with Jay-Z. But, the 39-year-old star, actually, lives in New Jersey. Alicia has a house in New Jersey worth $14.9 million. It measures 25,000 square feet, and it has everything she needs.

Alicia doesn’t have to leave her home anymore with its eight bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a recording studio, theater, indoor pool, and even a bowling alley. There is no doubt that Alicia Keys can have a wonderful time in her own house without going out. She originally bought the house for $10.4 million for Eddie Murphy, but with the renovations and improvements, it’s now worth $14.9 million. With everything it has, a home security system is a perfect addition to this.


With her lucrative career as a television host, it’s no surprise that Laura Ingraham managed to buy herself a lavish home in Woodley Park. Although her radio show is now gone, she still has other shows that give her more than enough earnings. In addition, she is also working on online publishing and is editor-in-chief of LifeZette. There is no doubt that Laura Ingraham will not be troubled by the spense of life after buying this house.

But as the investment is also her thing, she has sold her Woodley Park home for $1.3 million. The new owner is undoubtedly a lucky one with its features, like the three bedrooms, four bathrooms, two kitchens, and an in-law suite. Moreover, Laura Ingraham originally bought this during the peak of her career. That is to say, buying this house is a good investment both for Laura Ingraham and new owner.


If there is a man who is good at investments, it is Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook founder bought the Zuckerberg home in 2011. At the time, it already cost $7 million. He has it renovated several times, so its value has, undoubtedly, doubled now. He even expands the house’s living space by buying its four neighboring houses. Apparently, people like Mark Zuckerberg do not have trouble in spending money.

With over 17,000 square feet of land, imagine it is even surrounded by lush greens that make it the more relaxing. His mansion, alternatively, has about 5,000 square feet of living space, and it is more than enough to his starting family the comfort they want. On the one hand, he don’t have to worry about the environment around the house. On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife can have enough space to play with their child.


With a 56,000-square-foot home, we wonder if Michael Jordan ever gets lost inside his lavish house. From the front door of the house to the back door, Michael Jordan may needs to drive a car. The seven-acre compound looks huge even from the air, so what more if you’ll see it up close and even inside of it? Joedan may hope that such curiosity can drive more buyers to pay attention to his house.

This house is for sale for $14.9 million for a little while now, and no one has shown interest yet. Michael makes her home clearly by his designing it with his iconic No. 23. Hence, Bruce Bowers of Bowers Realty Group said there’s a lot of work that needs to be done before the new owner could make it their own. Well, that’s aside from opting for a hefty money loan.


Lebron James has several investments, and one of them is his $23-million home in Los Angeles. This is the baller’s second home, but he still makes sure that it will be as beautiful as his first house. The 16,000-square-foot property features a lot of good amenities, such as an outdoor and indoor fitness space for his everyday workout. If you have the chance to visit this house, you may find more interesting entertainment facilities.

In addition, it has a wine cellar, perfect for the celebration of his every win. With eight bedrooms and nine-and-a-half bathrooms, he has enough space for his family and friends. Also, it is just near to his other home in Brentwood so that he will have no problem going back and forth. We can learn from Lebron James that investing in multiple properties can not only accumulate wealth, but also improve your mood by changing the living space.


Teri Hatcher bought her house in Studio City, California, for $1.49 million in 2000. Since 20 years have passed, it surely has a bigger value now. The property has 4,106-square-foot of living space that features three bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, a spa, a pool, and a playground for kids. Teri has now moved to a different house, but she has no plans to sell her lavish home yet.

She has a better investment plan for it by having it rented. Yes, this place will be for rent for $25,000 a month for longtime leasers and $30,000 for the short term ones. It may be better to have a monthly income for years than sell it all at once. Before sold off, Teri Hatcher can keep achieving fixed income each month according to rent this house. Obviously, we have learned a new way of investment from Teri Hatcher.


Collin Farrel has said goodbye to his Hollywood Hills home after he sold it for $1.3 million. He bought the house in 2010 for $1.495 million with his then-girlfriend, Alicja Bachleda-Curuś. Now, Collin Farrel just used it as one of his investments. The house carries a 1920s English country style with four bedrooms, three bathrooms. It has a living space of 2,736 square feet and three levels. Obviously, this house is big enough for the whole family to live in.

Collin managed to maintain the house’s original design with its leaded windows, coved ceilings, and original wood-burning fireplaces. Its vaulted-ceiling living room has an antique chandelier accentuated with floor-to-ceiling French windows that let natural light come in the morning. There is no doubt that the designing style of this house is full of Collin Farrel’s taste, maybe a taste of vintage.


You may know him as Dr. Phil, but he’s real name is Dr. Phillip C. McGraw. Aside from being a famed psychologist, sociologist, and observationist, he also made headlines for the different interior decoration of his Beverly Hills home. Famous of its vine-like wood staircase and a wall full of guns. From the outside, the house looks quite normal, with five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

It also has a backyard pool with an elevated hot tub and standalone cabana. But, to some degree, it has weird features. It has vine-like detailing on the private entry gate, which has been questioned by some. This house is now on the market for $5.75 million. Anyone who buy this house in the future will not only complete an investment, but also will achieve a house, which is an unique artwork of Dr. Phil.


Having a large family, Kim Zolciak-Biermann also has to have a huge home to accommodate them all. Fortunately, she has made a good savings through her career. Hence, she opted to have a 17,000-square-foot house in Georgia, complete with a home theater, swimming pool, gym, spa, and a basketball court to keep her six kids entertained.

But aside from her children, her husband, the football defensive Kroy Biermann, will surely enjoy this place with the facilities it has. It’s also in the waterfront that gives the whole family a stunning view. It also has eight fireplaces that will keep them warm during the cold season. Indeed, it’s the perfect investment for Kim’s family. Compared to complete a good investment, Kim Zolciak-Biermann may be more proud of having a fantastic place to enjoy herself with her family members.


Tom Brokaw is a known journalist, delivering news and making the headlines. However, things turned 180 degrees as he became the subject of the headlines. The 80-year-old veteran faced assault allegations that made him needed his lawyers. However, with the support he got from the people, his integrity and decency were proven. After experiencing such a thing at this age, Tom Brokaw must have a new understanding of life.

Recently, Tom Brokaw put his 53-acre property in Westchester Country on the market for $6.3 million. This includes his 4,000-square-foot home at the lakeside. For people who want to have some peace of mind and quiet time like Tom after everything he has been through, this is the right place for you. With a large area and superb location, new owner can create a living environment that blends into nature for himself or herself.


Known as one of the most successful directors in Hollywood, it’s no surprise that Steven Spielberg also has the most impressive home. The 3.5-acre home investment is located in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood in Los Angeles. It has five bedrooms and six bathrooms worth around $20 to $35 million. Undoubtedly, this house can easily accommodate a large family, of course, Spielberg’s family.

His house looks enormous, even if from above. But, knowing how privy Steven is, there’s no available photo of the home’s inside interiors. So, what’s the house story? According to Steven, he got attracted by its history. David Selznick used to live in this house when he produced the movie Gone with the Wind. It also has a Hobbit-themed room that he loves. After all, as a famous director, Steven Spielberg needs a place to give him inspiration.


With 21 seasons of his own courtroom series, Judge Greg Mathis surely has the funds for his own house, worth $3.20 million, without opting for any loans. It’s quite evident that he is working hard, and he is patting himself at the back by making some financial initiatives, including his 6,399-square-foot property in Tarzana. It is called mini-resort and has five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

It also has a backyard entertainment area, grilling station, lagoon-style pool, waterfalls, lounging terraces, and a hidden spa grotto. What more can you ask for? By the looks of it, Greg and the rest of his family are living in luxury. Obviously, this house can be used not only for a family to live in, but also for owners’ friends to live as a small hotel. After all, this house almost has all kinds of equipment needed for a hotel.


As Valerie Bertinelli’s family has seven members, she needs a huge space so that everyone can move freely around. Fortunately, her lavish home in Los Angeles comes as the perfect fit. All her family members can stay together and have enough space to move around. There are many rooms in this house, playing different roles. But amongst her house’s many features, it’s the kitchen that she loves the most.

Being a celebrity chef, with her own published cookbooks, it’s no surprise that Valerie spends most of her time in the kitchen, creating delicious food. She also enjoys the house’s library and her reading room. With a great outdoor view, it’s also where she often hangs around with her kids. Truly, this is the best investment she has ever made so far. Of course, this house is the most wonderful place for Valerie Bertinelli and her family.


It took Dana Perino seven years before she finally managed to settle in New York. The former Press Secretary was originally from Wyoming, but she had to move to Washington and work at the White House for almost a decade. Too much heavy work made her have no time to care about her own life, let alone choose a comfortable living place for herself.

Now that her life is more serene, Dana chose to live in Manhattan. Although it’s an apartment, she makes sure it has a calm environment, perfect for her and her husband, Peter McMahon, and, of course, their dog, Jasper. They also have a home in southern California, but chose to stay in NYC as they mostly spend their time here. As a political commentator and a businessperson, this couple’s homes are surely equipped with a high-end home security system.


Susan Lucci finally managed to sell her lavish house for $20 million after being stuck on the market for two years. So, are you wondering why it comes with such a high price tag? Well, aside from that fact that Susan used to live there, the Shingle Style home has a size of about 10,622-square-foot. With such a large area, people who bought this house will certainly not lose profits. Moreover, this house also comes with a stunning oceanfront view.

The place was built in 1989 and had seven bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, balconies, multiple porches, and decks. It is also sitting on a 1.4-acre land. Hence, the hefty price is just worth it. Surely, Susan received a good credit report when she finally sold it. Susan Lucci is not only an actress, but also an entrepreneur. Therefore, she is able to buy herself another house.


Genie Francis grew up in Long Island, New York. She once enjoyed living in her California home for two years before she decided to sell it. She originally bought the house for $2.8 million. Hence, she quite has a big earning from it. The property boasts a living space of 8,900 square feet, six bedrooms, and eight bathrooms. The value of the house is not only for its area, but also depends on its unique designing style.

Although its shapes seem to be quite unconventional, its details are screaming of luxuriousness. It has a stone-accented exterior and crystal chandelier that is about the size of a small car, hanging from the house’s double-height foyer. It will put everyone who’ll see it in awe. Credits to Genie and her interior designer, they make everything of it lavish. People who bought this house may really like such designing.


Anthony Geary was born in Coalville, Utah, U.S. He made his first appearance on television in an episode of Room 222. Moreover, he has excellent performance in The Mod Squad, All In The Family and so on. Anthony Geary mostly spends his time in Amsterdam, so it may only befitting that he decided to put his Los Angeles home on the market for $950,000. The actor originally bought the house for only $262,500 in 1982. Obviously, Anthony Geary quite had a big earning from it.

This house used to be a neglected home and seemed to be abandoned for some. But, after a few touches, renovations, and remodeling, Anthony managed to bring it back to life. With all the investments Anthony Geary has made in this house, his new price comes very reasonably. Hence, this house can successfully find a new owner. The house also boasts the view of the canyon, which no one can put a price tag on.


Denzel Washington was born in Mount Vernon, New York, U.S. and his full name is Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. He has an excellent acting career and his representative works are Glory, Training Day, Fences, etc. Denzel Washington has one of the most lavish homes in Hollywood. His house is called a “mega-mansion.” Built-in 1999, it expands about 28,887 square feet. It also has eight bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.

Denzel Washington may worry about which bathroom to choose everyday. It even features small guesthouses scattered throughout the property. Mundy Entertainment is even located inside his own property. Hence, he doesn’t need to spend on gas to go to work. So, how much does this cost? No idea! Denzel remains mum about the price of his lavish home. But, surely, it’s worth millions and millions of dollars, given that it is a 2.3-acre estate.


Jennelle Evans is one of the reality TV stars that have envy-inducing homes. Her North Carolina home is everything that you can dream of. However, things start to fall apart when the inspectors learned that her house is sinking due to a drainage problem. Hence, the house becomes unfit to live in. Most people may have encountered the same problem like her.

Her then-husband took the issue on social media and even threatened the builders to fix their home. Actually, such behavior is reasonable. Although this is not a simple problem that plumbing services can fix, there may be some ways that they can do to make it livable again. Anyhow, if it’s too risky, they better not to. There is no doubt that such terrible situation will not only affect Jennelle Evans’ life but also reduce the price of this house in the market.


John Stamos was born in Cypress, California, U.S. and he bought his California home for a whopping $5.75 million. The most famous roles played by John Stamos are Jeese Katsopolis in Full House and Dr. Tony Gates in ER. Why did he spend so much money on buying a house? Because he can! Kidding aside, the hefty price seems to be fitting. With a 5,750 square feet of living space, as well as six bedrooms and bathrooms, it’s, indeed, a good choice for property investment.

This house also features vaulted beam ceilings, extensive gardens, an outdoor pool and spa, a barbecue place, and a barn. So, what’s the essential part of it? It has oak plank flooring. It might be John’s favorite part of the house, although it is really quite hard to tell with its several beautiful features and amenities that everyone will love.


Norman Reeds and his lady love, Dian Kruger, bought an $11.8-million home in New York City together. With its size and location, this place is definitely worth the investment. Although it remains to be seen what their house looks like—due to it is an off the market transaction—with the couple’s rich taste, it definitely screams of lavishness.

The building has a Federal style. What we do know is that it has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a total of eight fireplaces, and a roof terrace, where they can enjoy the view of the city. Such location absolutely increases the attraction and value of this house. Now that they have a property, we may soon hear the wedding bells. There is no doubt that this house is big enough for this couple to raise their children.


Bo Derek made a name in the 1980s to 1990s era. But aside from being an actress, model, producer, and, not to mention, a bombshell, there is more to this 63-year-old star. Bo is already semi-retired from the industry. She spends most of her time caring for her animals in the ranch. Actually, it is lucky for her to have a peaceful life when she is old. Evidently, Bo has a heart for animals.

She even makes an investment in the pet care line. Her property in Santa Ynez, California, is also the perfect place for her to continue what she wants to do. Although Bo doesn’t disclose the amount of her lavish home, it surely comes with a hefty price. Anyway, being able to live a life she likes after retirement is also an ability. May she continues to make contributions in protecting animals.


Mehmet Oz was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA in June 11, 1960. He is a Turkish-American television personality, cardiothoracic surgeon, Columbia University professor, author, etc. You will probably remember Mehmet Oz as Dr. Oz. With his successful career, the 59-year-old star managed to buy himself an 11,074-square-foot home in Palm Beach, Florida. Mehmet purchased the property off the market. We have to admit that he really made a big fortune.

The oceanfront home is called Louisiana. It has 12 bedrooms and bathrooms, cabana, loggia, tennis court, gardens, a guest house, and a 150-foot beachfront. What more can you ask for? This house almost likes a small hotel. Addison Mizner, a famous architect, designed the place 1919. He made sure that all the rooms would have a breathtaking ocean view. With a lot of amenities and features, this inevitably comes with right home security.


Ashton Kutcher was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA and Mila Kunis was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are two of the most successful young stars in Hollywood. They are even one of the industry’s power couples. Both of them make great efforts in their career and fortunately have achieved success. Hence, it is quite surprising that these two choose to live in a humble abode when they make an investment in a more lavish home.

The proud parents of two chose to live in a beach house that has three bedrooms and four bathrooms, enough for their starting family. It has a living space of 7,351 square feet, located in the gated community of Beverly Hills. Ashton bought this house in 2014 for $12 million, and it’s totally worth it for them.


Shepard Smith is a TV news anchor and once was the anchor of Fox Report. He was born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, U.S. Shepard Smith managed to make himself known in the world of news and current affairs. He has quite a formidable career, getting his own show with his own namesake, Shephard Smith Reporting. No wonder he is dubbed as one of America’s most recognizable news personalities.

With a famous name and a career that continuously grows, Shepard, reportedly, has $25 million net worth. Obviously, he is able to afford an expensive house. Despite his vast profit, Shepard put his Greenwich Village condo on the market for $4.9 million. But, it doesn’t mean that he is about to experience bankruptcy. He may be eyeing to buy something big and new for his family. Shepard Smith is planning his assets very carefully.


Another big name in the journalism world is Don Lemon, whose full name is Donald Carlton Lemon. He was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. This 54-year-old journalist is known for being fearless. Actually, this is a good quality for a journalists. He frankly expresses his opinions as CNN Tonight’s anchor. And in reality, he is just the same. We hope he will never need a lawyer because of his braveness.

With his hard work, Don manages to buy himself and his family a whopping $3.1-million home in Sag Harbor, Long Island. With all the stresses that come with his work, this is a perfect place for him to live in. It has a vintage style and boasts four bedrooms, a back porch, swimming pool, and an outdoor shower. When Don Lemon felt tired, he could relax himself here and regain the strength to fight for his career.


Rush Limbaugh was born on January 12, 1951. He is a famous American radio personality. A lot of people listen to Rush Limbaugh. Of course, he is a conservative political commentator, who has proven himself in the industry. Limbaugh has expressed controversial viewpoints on LGBT matters, feminism, and sexual consent. His show, the Rush Limbaugh Show, has reached about 13 million people on average in each airing.

Although not everyone will agree in everything he says, it cannot be denied that he has a massive influence on the public. With a show that has been on air since the late 1980s, no wonder Rush has amassed a huge net worth that makes him able to buy a $65-million mansion in Palm Beach Estate. He surely has a neat and clean credit report with this purchase. In 2020 he was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


Heidi Klum is a German-American model, businesswoman. Heidi Klum built a name for herself from the ground up. And with all the hard works she has done, she managed to buy herself a house in Los Angeles with a staggering amount of $24 million. Heidi knows how to work hard and play harder with the fruit of her labor. She did it very successfully.

The 12,300-square-foot Italian villain that eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a playhouse for her kids, spa, gazebos and fountains, a golf course, pool, and even hiking trails. It looks like she never has to get out of her home with all its features.Although she spends a lot of money here, she can save up from loading up her gas. Everything that she needs to be entertained is here. She just has to have time to spend here.


Terry Semel was born on February 24, 1943. Being a corporate executive of a big company does not mean you will instantly have a great fortune. It comes with a lot of hard work to be successful, and that is what Terry Semel did. Although Yahoo’s former CEO and chairman is already retired, he has made a lot of investments that are now paying off. He is just reaping what he has been sowing.

With that, he is undoubtedly enjoying his free time in his $50-million home in Malibu. He bought this property in 2012, and it is just 40 feet from the Pacific Ocean. It also has a breathtaking view of the ocean that will surely keep his stress away. Even the dining room is super casual. The house has nine bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and 151 feet of prime waterfront space.


Julia Roberts was born on October 28, 1967. Roberts was the highest-paid actress in the world throughout most of the 1990s and in the first half of the 2000s. Actually she is a person who loves the environment. Julia Roberts’ $10 million property in Malibu reflects her love for the environment. As the 52-year-old star is known for being environment-friendly and a massive supporter of the green movement, she makes sure that her home is eco-friendly.

She may have a considerable investment to be able to do this. But, if you are Julia Roberts, you will have no problem doing so. She has installed solar panels, and everything here should fit the green standard. She might have maxed out her credit cards, but it will never be a big problem for her, especially for her love for mother nature.


Jeff Bezos is one of the wealthiest personalities in the world, with a net worth of a whopping $143.4 billion. He is best known as the founder and CEO of Amazon. Also, he is an industrialist, media proprietor, and investor. People can learn a lot from Jeff, especially the ones who want to learn more about making investments. So, where does his money go? Part of it he spends on his house.

A $13-million property in California. He combines this place to the other house that he owns just next door. With a huge net worth and a huge business, he also has a huge house. It may only be fitting for a billionaire like him. He has amassed a massive real-estate portfolio across the US. It’s very easy for him to buy a lot of luxury houses. If you want to see the decoration of his house, I’ll ask you which one.


Hugh Jackman was born on 12 October 1968. He is an Australian actor, singer, and producer. He is best known for playing Wolverine in the X-Men film series. At the moment when Wolverine died, many Marvel fans cried. It shows how much he has achieved in his career. Every inch of Hugh Jackman’s West Village property screams luxury. Costing $21 million, the apartment measures 11,000 square feet and has three levels. Each level features floor to ceiling glass windows and has the view of the Hudson River.

Although it seems to be a little problem, Hugh surely doesn’t mind it. As the building has a total of ten floors, nobody may plan to peek through the windows. Aside from being a luxurious place, it also has a calming vibe that can make Hugh relax whenever he’s home. With all the high degree of stress this industry has, it may be Hugh’s goal to make his home a Zen place.


David Letterman was born on April 12, 1947. He is an American television host, comedian. He has collected the huge net worth of $400 million throughout his decades of career. After David Letterman left his iconic late-night show, Late Show with David Letterman, in 2015, he now has more time to spend in his lavish home in Saypo, Montana. The 73-year-old television personality bought this 2,700-acre land for his family to have somewhere to go and rest.

They call this property Deep Creek Ranch, which has 3,276 square feet of living space. It has three bedrooms and bathrooms and a detached garage. This large home has to have the perfect home security system that will cover every inch of the land after his son almost got kidnapped with his nanny from the ranch. Unfortunately, he didn’t disclose more about the house.


Nancy Grace was born on October 23, 1959. From 2005 to 2007 she host a regular primetime legal analysis show called Nancy Grace on CNN Headline News. She was famous at that time. If you’re not afraid to apply for a home loan, you can cop Nancy Grace’s former home for $1.6 million in Atlanta. It was a significant investment, but it was surely worth it. She originally bought this house for $407,500 in 1996. She used to live here for the past 18 years and had it renovated in 2014.

The 60-year-old commentator and her husband decided to change its look to a new one, removing all the touch of its original style. Hence, the house will give modern comfort to its new owners with its five bedrooms, a playroom, and a treehouse, where their twins used to play.


Rick Harrison was born in Lexington, North Carolina on March 22, 1965. He is co-owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. In January 2011, Pawn Stars was the highest rated program on the History Channel. Rick Harrison only lived in his Las Vegas home for not longer than three years. When he started to realize that their 8,845-square-foot house seemed too big for him and his wife, they decided just to put it on the market.

All their children have moved out, so having a huge house like this will only make them feel sad. It has four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a theater, a spa, a lagoon-style pool, and even an elevator. For just the renovations, Rick already spent a good $600,000. Now, the house is for sale for $4 million—a good investment for a starting family.


Lynda Carter was born in Phoenix, Arizona on July 24, 1951. Lynda Carter is famously known for her fictional character as Wonder Woman. In 2020, the classic movie will be released again. Her role as Diana Prince made her part of today’s pop culture. However, after she got married for a second time, she decided to retire and leave the entertainment industry. But it didn’t affect her investment. She made a lot of money with her husband.

She needed a moving company when she joined her husband in Washington. They are now living quietly in the country. Luckily, they also found their dream home here. They have a massive mansion in Maryland, but they decided to undisclosed its amount. With a 20,000-square-foot of land, this inevitably comes with a high price. Lynda now calls it her happy place.


Kiefer Sutherland was born on 21 December 1966. He is a British-born Canadian actor. When Kiefer Sutherland’s bride ran away four days before their wedding, leaving him and a considerable property behind, he decided to turn it into huge money. As he thought, he did it, and his net worth has reached 100 million. Now, Sutherland has been inducted to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and to Canada’s Walk of Fame. The 53-year-old star decided to sell his lakeside home in Montana for $10.5 million.

The 10,000-square-foot property is located in Whitefish, famously known for its name, Golden Bear Ranch. Despite being located in a secluded place, the house still speaks of modern luxury. Sadly, Kiefer didn’t have the chance to start his own family here. Anyhow, it lets him learn a great money management system when he decided to sell it for a staggering amount.


Billy Joel was born in The Bronx, New York on May 9, 1949. If you are as famous and wealthy as the music icon Billy Joel, it may one befitting that you will live in a lavish mansion in the best place that you can find. He has led a commercially successful career as a solo artist since the 1970s. He is one of the best-selling music artists of all time. The 71-year-old singer-songwriter has a huge 8,881-square-foot house in Miami Beach, Florida, which he sold for a whopping $13.75 million.

It is located at the beachfront and has its own pier, boat slip, and a pool. It also features an outdoor kitchen, boasting both classical and modern European design, built-in 2004.It has seven bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms, protected with the home security of the gated community of La Gorce Island.


With a net worth of $75 million, spending $4 million for a lavish Los Angeles home is no biggie for Alex Trebek. The 79-year-old television personality amassed most of his fortune as a game show host of Jeopardy since 1964. All of us are familiar with him because the game show he hosts used to be very popular including Double Dare, High Rollers, Battlestars, Classic Concentration, and To Tell the Truth.

Built-in 1984, the house boasts 5,554 square feet of living space with four bedrooms, 4.5 baths, a gym, a wet bar, and a jetted tub.It looks like Alex is fond of zebras as his house is filled with zebra-print pillows and gaudy red velvet chairs. His decorations alone seem to take much of his credit card, but, again, it will never be a big problem for Alex to pay for that.


Johnny Carson once owned a seaside manor in Malibu, which he bought in the mid-1980s and is now the property of Sidney Kimmel and his wife. This manor designed by architect Ed Niles was built in 1978 and covers an area of 4 acres. It is located on the Cape of Point Dume in Malibu, bathed in the Pacific ocean breeze. The design of the manor living room is great for those who love nature.

The floor height is 30 feet high, the surrounding and ceiling are enclosed by wooden beams and glass panels. This floor height is enough to plant tall trees indoors, except for trees, small shrubs and ferns are also planted randomly in the hall. This design makes the living room more like a great botanical garden. The master suite occupies the entire second floor. The spacious bedroom is equipped with a fireplace and a TV. Four huge floor-to-ceiling windows accommodate all the views of the Pacific Ocean.


Pat Sajak is an American TV celebrity. He used to be talk show hosts and KNBC-TV’s weatherman in Los Angles. Pat Sajak and Vanna White worked together as the hosts of the famous televison game show Wheel of Fortune, This show was loved by many people. In the 1990s, Pat Sajak also participated In tv series and films, in 2001, he appeared in the sitcom The King Of Queens as himself.

Pat and his ex-wife bought the house in Glendale in the early 1980s for around $170,000. After their divorce, the house was in the name of his ex-wife, Who sold it in November 2011 for $425,000. The two-story building, built by craftsmen in 1911, was rebuilt while retaining most of the old look. The house is sit on a double room with a new independent garage. The updated room includes kitchen, all three bathrooms and laundry.


Dolly Parton is a famous singer in the country music area and has won ten Grammy Awards and many other awards. She is also a female entrepreneur and owns her own record company, Dolly records. She has devoted herself to charity for many years. Her house in South Nashville was sold for $1.1 million. It may be used as a museum or wedding venue.

As a former residence of celebrities, this house is not very luxurious as you imaged. It was built in 1941, there are four bedrooms, including a guest house. The surrounding area of the house covers 2.4 acres of forest land and it is owned by the owner of the house as well. The new owner has made some renovations to the house, adding a bathroom and kitchen on the second floor, and a 1,500-foot guest room.


Schwarzenegger, an old-fashioned tough guy, is still so charming. He made a lot of money in his career. The style of his mansion is the same as himself. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mansion in California occupies an area of 14,500 square feet. The exterior of the mansion is designed in a Mediterranean style, with a total of 9 bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms. This is enough for Schwarzenegger and his former wife and four children to live comfortably.

In fact, since Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver got married in 1986, they have lived in this mansion for as long as 17 years, during which they gave birth to their four children. The outdoor facilities of this mansion also include large lawns, gardens, duck ponds, a geometric irregular swimming pool and large terraces,where are good place for them to enjoy their leisure time.


Diana Ross was born on March 26, 1944. She was the lead singer of the vocal group The Supremes who was one of the world’s best-selling girl groups. With an enviable net worth, there is no doubt that Diana owns some real estate.This house in Los Angeles was one of the mansions under the name of Diana Ross. She bought it in 1996 at a price of $725,000, but now 24 years have passed, we believe that the price of a first-class luxury house will definitely increase a lot.

According to public information, the house occupies 6,413 feet, has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Not surprisingly, this house have independent swimming pools, but what is incredible is that the house is also equipped with a private tennis court, which makes it easier for Diana Ross to exercise at home anytime she want.


Christopher Lloyd was born on October 22, 1938. He is the actor of Dr. Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy. At the same time, he is a entrepreneur. There is no doubt that he can buy a mansion for himself. But now he put his Santa Barbara’s holiday villa on the market for $2.95 million.

This property is located on a hillside, covers an area of 1,000 square feet, has two bedrooms, and is not far from the Pacific Ocean and the harbor. The building area of this holiday house is not large, but it has a unique yard, which is slope-shaped. A terrace can be reached through an arc-shaped stone step, where a row of sofas and a coffee table was placed. In front of the coffee table, there is a bonfire groove which is made of rocks.


Have you watched the Seinfeld? If you have, you must be very familiar with him. Maybe now you are also interested in his mansion. Jerry Seinfeld’s former property in Telluride, Colorado covers 26.84 acres. Telluride is located in the Rocky Mountains, where the environment is secluded but the scenery is beautiful. The design of the house is described as a western ranch structure. Living here you can enjoy the wonderful view of Sunshine Peak and Wilson Peak.

The mansion was built in 1991, the building materials are very environmentally friendly today. It is made of wood and stone. It has 11 bedrooms, 11 full bathrooms and 3 half bathrooms. Outside the main building of the mansion there is a 5500 square foot large Terrace. You can reach the forest creek through a forest trail in the grove of poplar and spruce trees.


Chris Cuomo is an American television journalist. He was born on August 9, 1970. His brother is New York governor Andrew Cuomo. It’s a big family. Chris Cuomo is successful in his career so that he can afford a mansion. Chris Cuomo and his wife’s holiday villa in Southampton was listed on the sales market for 2.9 million in 2019. This two-story house covers an area of 3,000 square feet and has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

The decoration style is mainly in fresh and natural white tones. There is a French-style fireplace in the living room and a ceiling-high mirror above it. Like most luxury houses, the outdoor swimming pool is essential. Instead of decorating the walls of his mansion with green creepers, Chris Cuomo used wisteria flowers to decorate the white wall. When spring comes, this corner window becomes a beautiful scenery.


Nikki Haley was born on January 20, 1972. Since 2011, she has been the 111th governor of South Carolina and was the youngest governor in the United States. Nikki Haley bought a house in South Carolina after resigning from public office. She and her husband William Haley bought the house together. It is said that the price on the market was $2.8 million, but Haley bought it for $2.4 million finally.

This mansion built in 2003 is located on the Kiawah River and covers an area of 5,774 square feet. The house is designed in a Mediterranean style. The courtyard is planted with oak and river palm trees that are more than 100 years old. It has a total of four bedrooms and six bathrooms. On the second floor, there is a very spacious master suite with a private terrace, bathroom with two sinks and two walk-in closets.


After the divorce from Kevin Hunter in April 2019, Wendy Williams has moved out of her house which is located in Livingston, NJ. And subsequently listed the house in Agust 2019 for $1.895 million, but unfortunately, this price is 0.2 million less than that when she bought this mansion in June 2009. Then Wendy Williams moved to her new apartment rented in Manhattan’s Financial District in April 2009.

Actually the apartment is no worse than her former mansion. This flat is located on a mid-level floor of the luxurious 64-floor 50 West, coming in at exactly 2,430 square feet. The apartment has two stories with 3 bedrooms, one on the main level and two on the upper level. Because the apartment building is high enough, Wendy’s master bedroom overlooks the beautiful view of the Hudson River.


Although Susan Boyle is now a famous singer and her records have sold more than 25 million copies worldwide, she still lives in her old house since she was a child. With a wealth of about 22 million pounds, living in such an old house is obviously modest. But Susan Boyle still spent some money to remodel the internal facilities and equip the kitchen and living room with modern equipment and furniture.

Now this private star has finally given the public a look inside her Scottish house. Nine people lived in this house, and her three sisters lived in what is now the Susan Boyle dressing room. There is also a music room in Susan Boyle’s house, which contains a piano, tables,chairs and lots of religious decorations. I think this is where Susan Boyle used to create her musical work.


Vanessa Lynn Williams was born on March 18, 1963. Vanessa Williams is a singer, actress and fashion designer. In 1983, she was selected as Miss America. Later, she pursued a career as a singer and actress, and her great success in her career made her afford a luxurious nest that ordinary people could hardly reach. Maybe you’ve heard her theme song Colors of the Wind for Disney movie Pocahontas.

Vanessa Williams owns an enviable manor in Chappaqua, New York. The exterior of the building has arc-shaped and irregularly arranged low walls, but it is not completely enclosed. The spacious courtyard is large enough to park the caravan of Vanessa Williams’ friends. The outdoor swimming pool can be said to be the standard configuration of such a luxurious nest. Outside the wall, facing the swimming pool is an outdoor tennis court.


Phil Donahue was born in Cleveland, Ohio on December 21, 1935. He is the creator and host of The Phil Donahue Show. Many people like him and he has been called the “king of daytime talk.” Phil Donahue’s Tudor-style manor on Beachside Avenue is only a few kilometers away from the coastline. The large green grassland around the main house is connected to the private beach, which is also the estate of this manor.

It covers a total of 7.7 acres and the main building is nearly 8,500 square feet, including seven bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, its private beach covers an area of 365 feet. This manor has always been one of the most expensive real estate in Westport. Phil Donahue and his wife once sold it for 25 million US dollars. Now it is facing sale again at a market price of 320,000 US dollars.


Michael J. Fox was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on June 9, 1961. He is a retired actor with a film career spanning from the 1970s. Michael J. Fox’s country house in New England was built in 1997. This is a visualization of Fox’s childhood fantasy. When he was 10 years old, he had imagined such a house. This wooden structure house is built on 72 acres of green space, surrounded by mountains and dense woods.

It covers an area of 5,000 square feet and has 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a separate guest house. Due to the main use of wooden materials, although the house looks simple and natural from the outside, the interior decoration design is a completely modern style. Fox designed an entertainment area for himself——a square fish pond, and he enjoyed his time there very much.


Roseanne Cherrie Barr was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on November 3, 1952. She is an American actress. You are an old soul if you had watched Married… with Children she played. Roseanne Barr’s ranch in Lake Arrowhead covers 11 acres and was listed on the market for $3.9 million. The ranch is called Big Buck Ranch,which is a 6,800 square feet main house with five-bedroomand and there is also an independent two-story house with two bedrooms and a kitchen.

This ranch was built in 1979 and is also equipped with a billiard room and a private casino. Outside, there is a mahogany dance floor, a spa and a barbecue area. Of course, as a ranch, it must be mentioned that its livestock are neatly manicured. The grassland is divided into captive horses and other livestock, and a special riding track has been built.


Joan Lunden was born in Fair Oaks, California on September 19, 1950. She is an American journalist, an author, and a television host. If you are a loyal NBC audience, you should be very familiar with this special correspondent. Joan Lunden’s villa in Maine is same as other famous host. It is located in a dense cedar forest. The door faces a mirror-like lake, and the ecological environment is very good.

This villa is very different from her house in Greenwich. It has a yellow-brown masonry exterior wall, almost the same color as the wooden railings, and the roof is covered by dark green tiles, forming the color of the wall Quite a sharp contrast. This villa is far away from the city. Lundenz has three daughters and two grandsons, For Lundenz who has a large family, it is a great place for vacation and leisure.


Have you hear of The Divine Miss M? She is Bette Midler. Her penthouse on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan is a comfortable and cozy nest. This luxury apartment has three floors, but it was not originally designed like this. The designer Bette Midler hired converted two apartments together. The three floors are connected by a spiral staircase with brass handrails.

The first floor of the apartment is the living room and the kitchen, and the bedroom is downstairs. On the top floor of the apartment, only the study is designed. The spacious terrace on the first floor is decorated with lush green plants and flowers, standing here, you can overlook the beautiful view of Manhattan. Midler also placed a sofa and a coffee table in it. When you are in it, you might really think that you are in the garden of a villa instead of mid-air.


Paula Deen is an American TV personality and a cooking show host. Her estate in Savannah is worth $12.5 million, making it the most expensive property in the area. This manor covers an area of 5.5 acres. The main house has a construction area of 14,500 square feet. The swimming pool, game room and media room are naturally necessary for such a luxurious residence, but what makes you believe that this is a real manor is that it owns Private deep-water jetty with boat dock, a 10,000 square foot barn and stocking pond.

Paula Deen is a chef, naturally we have to mention the kitchen of her mansion. The area is large, it is needless to say. What is amazing is that the kitchen has a scrollable library ladder for better navigation. At the same time, she also owns an outdoor kitchen with 3 barbecue grills and 4 refrigerators.


CNN host Anderson Cooper was born in New York City on June 3, 1967. The famous journalist suffered from dyslexia as a child, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a celebrity. He has won a lot of awards in his career. He can afford a luxury villa. His villa in Quiogue was listed on the market for US$2.975 million. Compared with its October listing price of US$3.599 million, the price has been reduced by nearly 20%.

According to the real estate company’s introduction, this beach house was built in 1928, it used to be a sports club that belonged to the St. George family. After that, it changed hands to the screenwriter Budd Schulberg of the classic movie On the Waterfront. Cooper had completely renovated the house, which occupies approximately 3,800 square feet, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. We believe that this house is big enough for Cooper and his partner to raise their son.


Five-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman was born in Trenton, New Jersey on May 13, 1961. He once bought a mansion in Orange with a lot of money. But now he put it on the market. The mansion was built in 1976 and is located in Saddle Ranch, an outdoor activity community, on an acre of land. The house is designed with a magenta tiled roof and grass-green walls, with a double-door entrance.

The indoor space of the mansion is 5,000 square feet, with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and billiards hall. The master suite has a steam shower and sauna.Going through the French doors, you can walk to the courtyard which is enclosed by the fence, there is a swimming pool, a storage room and a horse corral. In addition, three separate garages are enough for the guests visiting the mansion owner.


Paris Hilton, I believe when you see her name you think about something, yes, she is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotel. Hilton’s autobiography Confessions of an Heiress describes her journey as a family heiress , This book became a New York Times bestseller later. Paris Hilton is not just a businesswoman, but also involved in film, television and music production.

In the past many years, she lived in a mansion on Sunset Boulevard. It is a Spanish-style building that was built in 1926 and covers an area of 3,000 square feet. The interior design uses a large number of arched doors. The kitchen has a sliding door that leads directly to the backyard. There is a square swimming pool, gazebo and various vegetation in the yard, which is a good place for gatherings and spending time.


As the second richest man on the Forbes World’s Billionaires 2020, Bill Gates’ house is more luxurious than you can imagine. This is not an ordinary mansion, the scale and splendor of it are simply the level of a castle. Bill Gates spent $63 million to build this mansion in eight years. It is backed by a hill and faces the lake. The buildings are distributed along the mountain from the foot of the mountain upwards.

Houses and buildings are concealed in layers of trees, and the green vegetation and wooden buildings are in harmony with each other. Bill Gates named his mansion Xanadu 2.0, the name is used to commemorate the fictional mansion in Citizen Kane’s movie. What’s interesting is that this movie tells the story of money and material making it difficult for the rich to feel satisfied and happy. I wonder if the real tycoon Bill Gates is the same?


Brigitte Bardot was born on 28 September 1934. She was a French actress and was one of the best known charming symbols of the 1950s and 1960s. She once owned a great mansion in South France, this mansion is built of stone, located on a hill overlooking the French Riviera. The history of this manor dates back to the 13th century and was renovated when Brigitte Bardot purchased it.

A distinctive feature is that the stone walls are covered by dense green climbing plants, which matches the beige walls. There is no doubt that such a manor cannot lack a swimming pool, and it not only has one swimming pool but also two infinity pools. In addition, it is amazing that the estate also has a private wine cellar and three vineyards. This is really an ideal retirement life for Brigitte Bardot.


Diane Sawyer was born in Glasgow, Kentucky on December 22, 1945. She is is an American television broadcast journalist. But prior to her journalism career, she was a member of Richard Nixon’s White House staff. Diane Sawyer once owned a French country-style stone house. The location of this house is very amazing. It is located on the cliff of Palisades in New York. Under the cliff is the Hudson River.

In Diane Sawyer’s house, if you look out from the balcony, you can have a panoramic view of the beauty of Hudson River. What is special is that the floor in the living room is paved with stones, which makes this rustic-style cottage more natural. In the yard of the house, the garden is lush with greenery, and is also equipped with an irregularly shaped outdoor swimming pool, which can be reached by winding stone paths.


Rachael Ray and her husband live in their house in Lake Luzern, New York, where the environment is very suitable for isolated from the crowd. Rachael Ray also shared her recipes and cooking skills by shooting video at home. The kitchen of this house is like a dream place for people who is in love with delicious food. Wooden elements are featured throughout all areas of the kitchen, that make it is no need to have cutting boards, Because Rachael Ray can cut the ingredients anywhere in the kitchen.

And the kitchen is spacious enough to have a central cooking table for Rachael to handle various ingredients. Unfortunately, on August 10, 2020, Rachael Ray’s house caught fire and the fire caused huge damage to it. But Fortunately, Rachael Ray, her husband, her mother and her pet dog were all safe! The next day, Rachael Ray thanked firefighters on the social networking site for their help.


Kelsey Grammer’s former Malibu mansion was sold for $13 million. This mansion has an excellent location, it is backed by a beautiful mountain range and faces the Pacific Ocean. It is located in Malibu’s prestigious Serra Reteat community, which is closed Managed, has always been known for attracting celebrities to live there. The manor has 7 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, in addition to dedicated a guesthouse.

The manor is designed with a temperature-controlled private wine cellar and a spacious home theater for 14 people. Outside the house, from the front of the main building, you can reach the open-air swimming pool through a winding downhill stone stairway located in dense shrubs. The pool is designed into an irregular shape, and a number of lounge chairs and umbrellas are placed along the curved surface of one side.


Jennifer Hudson was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 12, 1981. Jennifer Hudson, the shining musician won Oscars, Grammys and many other honors at a young age. Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2020. She can afford any luxurious house. Jennifer Hudson’s Burr Ridge mansion occupies 12,000 square feet, with 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

There are also two kitchens and five fireplaces. The first and second floors are equipped with laundry rooms and two garages are large enough to accommodate six cars. The pedestrian area on the lower level has a fitness room, a theater, a library and a game room.The mansion that started on the market in 2006 initially asked for $4.2 million, but the final transaction price dropped by 33% to $2.795 million. There is no doubt that she is a genius for investment.


Christina Applegate was born in Hollywood, California on November 25, 1971. She is an actress. Maybe you have watched Dead to Me which was played by her on the TV. Christina Applegate is quite dissatisfied with her kitchen, which was built in 1985. She thinks it is the ugliest kitchen among the all kitchen she has seen, but the complete renovation is too troublesome. So the plan to remodel her kitchen has been on hold.

Coincidentally, Christina Applegate’s house was destroyed by floods, She had to carry out a large-scale renovation, which just gave her the opportunity to make up her mind and re-design the kitchen. Christina Applegate turned to Laurel&Wolf, an online design service platform, to re-plan and design her kitchen space, adopting a simple and stylish modern style. The floor is dark hardwood, and warm wooden furniture and metal decorations collide in this space with a wonderful charm.


Wesley Snipes, who was born on July 31, 1962, is a famous Hollywood actor and martial artist, New Jack City, White People Cannot Jump and The Expendables 3 is some of his well-known film and television work. As a martial artist, Wesley Snipes has been trained in martial arts since the age of 12. He won his fifth dan black belt in Shotokan Karate and his second dan black belt in Hapydo.

Wesley Snipes, who has a net worth of $12 million, owned a mansion in the scenic New Jersey with his wife. A swimming pool, a home theater, and private driveways, all the luxurious configurations you can think of is designed in this mansion. But in 2014, the couple sold the building for $4.125 million. With Wesley Snipes’ financial resources, we look forward to seeing them buy a new wonderful house.


Joel Scott Osteen was born on March 5, 1963. He is an pastor. Joel Osteen lives with his wife Victoria Osteen and two children in a mansion like a castle of Oak River in Houston. He is a well-known pastor and best-selling author, whose net worth may be as high as 60 million US dollars. The Osteen’s Oak River Mansion covers an area of 12,000 feet and is estimated to be about $10.5 million.

It has 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and 3 elevators. In the center of the building is a square roof swimming pool. The entire building complex is surrounded by tall oak trees, which covers Osteen and his neighbors well and creates a better private environment for the family. Joel Osteen once said “This is God’s will, you have to live in prosperity instead of poverty” and he did do it.


Ron Howard, born March 1, 1954, is a Hollywood actor, director and film producer. When he was young, he was famous for Richie in the comedy Happy days, and later he focused on film director, a series of famous films such as A Beautiful Mind, Cocoon, The Da Vinci Code are directed by Ron Howard. Ron Howard owns a luxurious manor in Connecticut, the manor is located in the enclave of Greenwich and Westchester, New York.

Around the manor is panoramic views of Lake Converse. This manor is in a typical New England style and has six bedrooms, there is a swimming pool, family room, home theater and other equipment. The manor is surrounded by forest and Converse Lake. There is also a horse riding trail outside, walking through the horse trail, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Converse Lake.


Victoria Principal was born in Fukuoka, Japan on January 3, 1950. She, who is an American actress, producer and entrepreneur, is best known for her role as Pamela Barned Ewing on the American primetime televison soap opera series Dallas. She began her own production company, Victoria Principal Productions in 1987. Now she has listed her house in Beverly Hills for 2.795M.

This mansion is bought by Victoria Principal in 2014, which is located in the coveted 90210 code at 9755 Oak Pass Road in Beverly Hills Post Office. There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms in the house, the style is modern in design. The walls and furniture are designed in white, with wood color stairs and tabletops, which create an atmosphere of warm and clean. Inside the courtyard, there is a swimming pool in irregular shape, where is a good place for the host to enjoy their summer days.


Serena Williams was born in Palm Beach Gardens on September 26, 1981. She has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles in her career. She is one of the best female tennis players of the Open Era. The famous tennis champion Serena Williams bought a new house in the Summit Estate in Beverly Hills in 2017, which is worth 6.68 million. The 0.25-acre mansion has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.the 6,000 square foot house comes complete with a yoga and massage room, wine cellar and games room, along with a spacious chef’s kitchen.

Serena Williams has her own yoga room. According to the photos posted, the yoga room is equipped with a large floor-to-ceiling mirror on the wall, barre and various fitness equipment.One thing it does have in common with the Bel Air estate, however, is the lack of a tennis court—but even world-renowned players need a break, sometimes.


After Prince Harry and Meghan officially announced their withdrawal from the British royal family in March 2020, they lived for a while in the Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, but in July, they moved into a new house they bought in Santa Barbara. This manor cost the couple 14.65 million US dollars. Compared to Beverly Hills, Montecito on the south coast of Santa County is much more remote and quiet, which can help the royal couple get rid of the entanglement of the media and raise their children better.

Although The Sun reported that Prince Charles is still continuing to fund the Harrys, Page Six reports that Prince Charles did not pay for the house in Santa Barbara. In any case, considering that Prince Charles paid them £4 million for Security fees in April this year, the couple’s ideal financial freedom after they step back from the royal family seems to be still far away.


Floyd Mayweather was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on February 24, 1977. Boxing fans must know his boxing style. He owned five world champions. Retired boxer Floyd Mayweather showed his new mansion to fans on Instagram, his enviable net worth undoubtedly enables him to buy real estate anywhere. This mansion is located in Las Vegas and has 11 bedrooms, a gym and a vineyard.

The entire estate covers an area of 1.41 acres, has two independent garages and an underground garage that can accommodate 20 cars, which is enough to house the luxury cars collected by Mayweather.This mansion is located in a residential area in the desert of Las Vegas. Although it is surrounded by yellow sand, the manor itself has good greenery. An irregular fountain pool in the center of the house makes the dry air in the desert become a bit moist.


Mary J. Blige’s luxury house in Saddle River, New Jersey was put on the market for $8.9 million, which was significantly lower than the price of $13 million when it was purchased, but considering she was facing the National Revenue Agency millions of dollars in arrears and the need to pay alimony to the separated husband, this was a choice that have to be made. Blige is not the first owner of this mansion, and obviously it will not be the last.

It was once the former residence of Rosie O’Donnell. This mansion covers an area of 20,000 square feet and is about an hour and a half from Manhattan. It has 8 bedrooms, nine bathrooms and three half toilets, home theater, gym, sauna, steam room, wine cellar and an indoor half basketball field. In addition to the conventional stairs, the three-story mansion is also equipped with elevators to make it easier to go up and down.


Pierce Brosnan was born in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland on May 16, 1953. He is the fifth actor to play secret agent James Bond in the Bond film series. Pierce Brosnan’s latest real estate investment is located in Santa Monica. Although this single-storey cottage looks unpretentious but valuable, the market price was 2.995 million US dollars when it was first listed. Pierce Brosnan concluded the transaction at a price of 2.945million.

This house was built in 1941. Although it is old, it looks very good after a complete renovation. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The master bedroom is 2,319 feet in size, which is very spacious. The master suite has a walk-in cloakroom and a bathroom with a green marble floor. From the bedroom, you can enter the small courtyard through a French door. The garden is small but beautiful.


Snoop Dogg is one of the most influential rappers in the United States. His mansion in California covers an area of 6,527 square feet. This house is located on a gentle slope and has eight bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. This Mediterranean-style house was built in 1989, and Snoop Dogg purchased it in 1994 for $660,000.

In 2006, he fully remodeled the house and set up a recording studio according to his own professional needs, as well as a marble fireplace, a home theater, etc. There is a master suite on each of the two floors of the house with a large walk-in cloakroom. In addition to the main building of the house, this mansion is equipped with a four-car garage, a swimming pool, a spa, a outdoor basketball court and a tennis court. But shortly after this, he listed the house for sale at a price of $2 million.


Katy Perry was born in Santa Barbara, California on October 25, 1984. She is one of the most successful and famous pop stars in Hollywood. With chart-topping hits and sold-out concert tours, she surely has made a fortune for herself. She is not only good at singing, but also good at investing. And now her estimated net worth is $125 million. So, no wonder Katy managed to buy a $4-million villa in Los Angeles. It is so easy for her.

With more than 4,700 square feet of living space, Katy can freely roam around and move from its four rooms to its five bathrooms. It also has a large walk-in closet for the pop star so that she can fit everything she needs here for her performances. Surely, she has made a massive investment for this property, but every penny is worth it with the outcome.


Christie Brinkley was born in Monroe, Michigan on February 2, 1954. Christie Brinkley may already be 66, but she still has what it takes to be the supermodel that she is. She is now enjoying the fruit of her labor from the catwalk, television, and movies. With a career spanning more than three decades, She made a lot of money. Then she concentrated on investing.

After her retirement, she is now spending much of her time in her $30-million property in Long Island, New York. Now she is 66, she is happy that she can live with family.Her home has 11 bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Every inch of her house speaks volumes of lavishness and elegance. It is also surrounded by lush greenery, making it’s the perfect place to relax. If ever Christie has a financial advisor, she/he is pleased by how she spends her money wisely.


Ann coulter was born in New York City on December 8, 1961. Ann Coulter may be the woman of your dreams. She is a far-right media pundit, best-selling author, syndicated columnist, and a lawyer. What more can you ask for? She is a Fox News fan favorite. She appeared in print and on cable news as an outspoken critic of the Clinton administration in the late 1990s. Although not everyone will agree with her opinions, she still has a significant influence on many people.

When it comes to investing, Ann is also a wise one. She decided to invest in some of the prime real estates in New York City, like her $577,000-home. The 1,400-square-foot house is located in the Upper East Side and has two bedrooms. If you find it quite affordable, it is because someone is already living in it, but she still owns the place.


Neil Patrick Harris was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on June 15, 1973. He is a comedian and singer. His husband David Burtka is a cook. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are good of example of a couple who knows how a proper money management system works. Many famous people ask them for advice. They made a lot of money by investing. It makes their lives easier.

They know how to invest their head-earned money, and one of them is in the $5.5-million home in East Hampton. The 12.5-acre land is surrounded by lush greenery. It is the perfect place for their kids to grow in.With a large outdoor space, their twins can freely run and play around. Of course, Neil and David included some unique features in their homes. It has a lily pond and a tea house that the whole family enjoys.


Minnie Driver was born in Marylebone, England on 31 January 1970. You may have seen a lot of her movies. She also has played a lot of different characters. Minnie Driver is proud that she has a Gypsy upbringing. Hence, her $2.5-million house in Hollywood Hills carries the style of her heritage—a combination of bohemian and modern style. It clearly reflects Minnie’s personality.

The house has 2,768 square feet of living space with three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, an old fashioned-bathtub, antique gazebo, and a lot of vintage furniture. Minnie might have maxed out her credit card to complete his house’s decorations, but she has nothing to worry about that. Her house speaks of old-world romance that will give everyone comfort when they come in. It is the perfect place to call home for Minnie.


You may know Tommy Hilfiger as a brand, but it is actually the name of the genius man behind the clothing company. Tommy Hilfiger was born in Elmira, New York on March 24, 1951. He is clearly an artist, and it can be seen in every piece that he introduces on the catwalk. His company, founded in 1984,grew very fast and listed in 1992. There’s no doubt that nobody doesn’t know the brand of Tommy Hilfiger right now.

Being a business, he knows a lot of things about investments, and it even includes his $27.5-million home in Florida. His property boasts 14,079 feet of pop-art inspired interiors. He uses a combination of geometric shapes in lively colors and retro-futuristic elements to give it some eclectic vibe. It has seven bedrooms, which may also carry Tommy’s unique design and artistry.


Drake was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on October 24, 1986. Another big name in the industry is Drake. Actually he is an investment genius. He has made great achievements in music, but he is not going to stop there. The famed rapper doesn’t only know how to follow a proper money management system but a wise way of investing, too. He set his eyes to buy a property in Hidden Hills with an original price of $27 million.

Luckily, Drake was in no rush. He waited for his dream house to be quite affordable until the price was reduced to $7.7 million. With a huge reduction, he quickly dug in. He made a few renovations in his home, like adding luxurious pools with grottos and even waterfalls. He also added some secret passageways that only he knows.


John Rich is an American country music singer-songwriter. He was born in Dickson, Tennessee on January 7, 1974. John Rich rose to prominence when he became a part of the country music band Lonestar. He then went solo and released his own album. However, he then again joined Big Kenny in 2011 and reformed Big and Rich in 2012. Evidently, John was a big part of country music.

His role in this history even helped him to amass an excellent fortune that enables him to make some investments. He was able to buy a mansion in Nashville worth $579,975. He called this Mt. Rushmore. The 17,081-square-foot house has five bedrooms and ten bathrooms. It also owns its own private club that is about 4,000 square feet. Rich’s mansion also features a guitar-shaped pool. It appeared in Pickler & Ben to the Today Show.


Nelly Furtado was in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on born December 2, 1978. She is a Canadian singer-songwriter and record producer. Nelly Furtado used to conquer the airwaves. She is best known for her year 2000 hit song I’m Like a Bird. Now, Nelly left the spotlight, but it does not mean that she is already retired. She puts her focus on other activities, like hosting. With this lucrative gig, she still earns enough to fund her lifestyle and luxuries.

Of course, she also has something to spend on her investments, like a $1.4-million house in Toronto. The house carries Nelly’s unique taste. The story-house is undeniably beautiful. Although it does not look that much grand, it is still lavish. Compared with ordinary people’s house, her house is more luxurious in decoration and collections. It is worth mentioning that the master suite is the size of a CityPlace penthouse.


Kimora Lee Simmons was born in St. Louis, Missouri on May 4, 1975. She is a model turned reality TV denizen and fashion designer. Kimora Lee Simmons and her family are enjoying living in their $25-million home in Beverly Park. With 20,000 square feet of living space, the house has enough space for her four kids. It has seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. The house also carries the 45-year-old model’s refined taste, and it can evidently be seen in the home decors and architecture.

The twin-curved staircases make the house more grandiose. It is sure to wow guests with its dramatic sweetheart staircases and beige-ish marble floors and columns. It also features a spa, library, theater, pool, wet bar, sunken tennis court, and a modern kitchen to keep them all entertained. Kimora seems to plan all its features in great detail, and her financial advisor might be proud of her.


John Cena was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts on April 23, 1977. You probably know John Cena as one of the famous wrestlers from WWE. Although he may still be relatively new compared to the likes of The Undertaker, he can be considered a legend due to his too many credits. He has won the championship title 15 times in his just 20-year career.

He is also the face of WWE now. He has also appeared in many films, and unexpectedly, he has made a rap album. So, expect that he earns a food fortune form that enables him a lavish home worth $7 million in Florida. The house has everything he needs, from indoor and outdoor pools to a waterfront that offers him a relaxing view. He built a room called ‘Gentleman’s Room’ which is using for smoking a cigar.


Marshawn Terrell Lynch was born in Oakland, California on April 22, 1986. The free-agent American football running back went all in for his property in Bay Area. The 34-year-old footballer bought a gorgeous house worth $3.3 million for his family, and it is worth every penny he spent. However, Marshawn makes sure to a certain degree that his home is going to be eco-friendly. How?

The house has a modern style. He had it installed with solar panels, which is one of the house’s unique features. To complete its wonderful amenities, it also has floor-to-ceiling windows that give them natural lighting and views of the sea, a large dock and five bedrooms, and six bathrooms for the whole family. Marshawn Lynch think that without a movie theater his house wouldn’t be complete. So he decided to built one in his mansion.


Von Miller was born in Dallas,Texas on March 26,1989. Von Miller’s $8-million home speaks of masculine elegance. As an outside linebacker for the Denver Broncos, it is no surprise that he makes his home carry his style, taste, and, of course, a piece of him. He has won a lot of honors in his career. There is no doubt that he is one of the best outside linebacker.

His house looks so manly with its dark-wood flooring and stone features that give the house warmth and comfort. It has seven rooms and six bathrooms, complete with an expansive walk-in closet that also serves as his style wardrobe. It also has a wine cellar that is always ready for the celebrations of his winnings. Of course, there is an outdoor pool where he can relax and swim for somebody’s exercise.


Yes, we know that properties in New York quite have a hefty price, and we may end up in bankruptcy if we buy one. But, if you are Jessica Biel, it may not be hard for you to buy a $20.2-million house in Tribeca. Jessica Biel was born in Ely, Minnesota on March 3, 1982. She and her husband Justinl Timberlake buy this mansion together. In fact, she has enough money on her own. She made a lot of money in her career.

Her home is not even an ordinary apartment. With its price tag, you can expect it to a lavish house.It has 5,400 square feet of living space, and it décor all speaks grandiosely. It has four bedrooms and six bathrooms, an indoor swimming pool, an indoor Turkish bath, and an entertainment area to keep the family entertained on the rooftop.


Harry Styles was born in Redditch, Worcestershire, England on 1 February 1994. Harry Styles rose to prominence as part of the globally famous boy band, One Direction. In this period, the band went on to become one of the best-selling boy bands of all time. However, he managed to maintain his fame even though he went solo. Sales of self-titled debut album are much better than the band.

Like any famous stars in the entertainment industry, he has a lavish home in Hollywood Hills.At his young age, Harry already has an investment worth $8 million in 2017. Surely, all the hard works paid off with this purchase. His house features a home theater, outdoor pool, and several other home luxuries. Later, he decided to put this on the market and finally made profits out of it after two years.


Alexander Skarsgård is a Swedish actor. You should be familiar with him if you have seen The Legend of Tarzan. The film made him very famous. With the film, he made a lot of money. So he decided to buy a mansion. Alexander Skarsgård managed to make his home entirely his own after he purchased it from Parker Posey for $2.3 million. Located in New York, the house carries gorgeous interiors, not to mention a modern architecture with a touch of old-school style.

Everything inside the home has a light color, which gives the place a certain degree of lightness that every modern and minimalist home should have. Like how classy Alexander is, every décor is tasteful, which is probably the actor’s personal preference. Although it is quite small, Alexander might have loved the view it gives him every day.

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